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How Your Air Conditioning System Can Run More Efficiently – Easy Suggestions

When it is hot outside during the warm summer months your air conditioner works on overload. You can ease the strain and save money in the process with some very simple suggestions provided by Goettl Air Conditioning.

Consider programmable thermostats. These devices can be set to reduce their call for lower temperatures when you are away from home, such as when you are at work, shopping, or traveling for any reason. There is not any need for you to cool your home to your comfort levels when you are away. According to, some of these devices can even sense when you are away.

Check your outside unit and make sure that there is no high plant growth within two feet of the unit and that all clutter and debris is removed. These factors will make it more difficult for the unit to operate efficiently.

Use your ceiling fans, or if you don’t have ceiling fans, use floor and table fans. By circulating the cooler air around the rooms of your house the thermostat will not be calling for cooler air as often. Sometimes the thermostat can be in a spot where the air is warmer than the rest of the house. The United States Department of Energy states that by using this method, the thermostat can be set four degrees higher with no discomfort to anyone in the house.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business since 1938. They were the first company to introduce evaporative cooling techniques and air conditioning to the desert Southwest. They have locations in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Southern California. A favorite service that customers love is the Goettl Maintenance Program, see For a fee of just $12 per month, members receive an annual checkup for their air and heating units, discounted parts and service, and an emergency program.

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