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Securus Technologies Philanthropy Work And Its Awesome Technology Solutions

Not only is Securus Technologies a leading provider of criminal and civil technology solutions for purposes related to investigation, public safety and corrections, it is also involved deeply in philanthropic matters. By the beginning of 2016, the company had managed to reach a company record with its Associates donating more than $347,500 for the United Way 2015 campaign. Securus was happy to report that it had managed to exceed its $290,000 goal by not less than 19% and the 2015 results by more than 23%.

Comparing to when the company started the campaign in 2008, it only managed only $32,995 which means that it made an increase of more than ten times. Through the years, Securus Associates kept stepping up their game and opened up their hearts so that the campaign can reach the level it currently is.

The campaign seeks to support causes in healthcare, basics to life as well as healthcare. The latest campaign managed to achieve a lot because it had the largest amount of Leadership Givers, the biggest amount of Associates giving, the highest level of annual Securus Associates contributing as well as the biggest percentage increase in the annual goal since the campaign was started.

Securus’ top management was happy with the contribution levels and expressed contention that those helped by United Way were the real benefactors and that they had felt a real change in their lives. Being an agent of change, Securus is determined to make lives better by saving lives and improving living conditions.

The company has very up to date and modern inmate communication technology that go a very long way in making sure that incarcerated inmates connect with their friends securely and conveniently and at very fair rates. One of its most reputable technologies is the Video Visitation technology that allows the two parties to have secure video conversations. It is not expensive (the app is free to download), and it has played a very crucial role when matters related to saving time and money by making physical visitation trips to the prisons are concerned. To learn more about this service, click on the following link:

Another technology is the Advance Connect pre-paid solution for inmate phone calls that allows the two parties to have a secure way to talk anytime conveniently. With both technologies, the charges are routed to the relative or friend at home who is also offered with different varieties to make payment. Dallas, Texas based Securus is a true definition of a company that is found on the precepts of driving change in society because that is precisely what it does.

Forward Thinking Success of Shaygon Kheradpir

Shaygon Kheradpir is a well-known business executive, technical guru, innovator, and public speaker on with a forward thinking mindset. Although, he was born in London, England, Kheradpir spent most of his childhood living in Iran, before moving to the United States to attend an American university. He went on to obtain his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. The combination of his vast training, advance knowledge, and creativity has led him down a very successful career path.

Immediately, after graduating from the university, Shaygan Kheradpir was hired on to work for GTE Laboratories. In this position, he specialized in networking management, routing, and control services. Before long, he was promoted to Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the company. In 2000, GTE Laboratories, which had changed its name to GTE Corporation, officially merged with Bell Atlantic to form the telecom giant, Verizon Communication.

Kheradpir was initially designated as the president of the company’s e-business division, but he quickly became Verizon Communication’s first Chief Information Officer(CIO)/Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In this position, Kheradpir managed up to 7,000 employees that he separated into small development teams. His teams worked long hours to meet his 30-day prototype cycle.

This resulted in a number of advanced technology innovations, including the FiOS fiber option video that helped in the creation of the DVR and the creation of iobi that allowed Verizon Communication to offer caller ID, a managed address book, and many other vital features. These inventions played a vital role in Verizon Communication emerging as a leader in the telecom industry.

Kheradpir left Verizon Communication in 2001 to become the Chief Operating Officer of the global retail and financial bank, Barclays. Within two year, he was promoted to the Chief Operating and Technology Officer, where he led the TRANSFORM program. This program helped Barclays remain competitive well into the 21st Century.

In 2014, Kheradpir move out of the banking industry and back into the world of technology. He became the Chief Executive Officer at Juniper Networks. Here he worked to restructure the company through an integrated operation plan that cut costs and consolidated several research and development groups to create a more efficient development team.

Kheradpir left Juniper Networks to work for Marlin Equity Partners, a private equity firm. In 2013, Marlin Equity Partners formed the independent technology company, Coriant. Kheradpir was subsequently promoted to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position of Coriant, as well as, Chairman of the Board of Directors. His goal in this position is to advance the company further into the technology industry through the use of innovative ideas and forward thinking ideology.

In addition to his vast career, he also sits on the Cornel University Engineering Council. He formally served as a board member for the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and he was previously on the advisory board of the YMCA of Greater New York. He continues to transform the technology, telecom, and financial industry. He holds several US technology patents. He has also been invited to be a guest speaker/lecturer at numerous business and technology events around the country.