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Enhanced Athlete Fights Lawsuit and Wins

The health food, vitamins, and supplement industry is a very large industry that brings in billions of dollars per year in revenue. Today, there are many different companies in the industry that provide extremely valuable products and services to help people live happier and healthier lives. One organization that has continued to provide great products and services to its customers for a long time is Enhanced Athlete.


Enhanced Athlete is very well known for selling a wide range of supplements and vitamins that are geared to helping someone achieve a healthy figure and feel better. This includes a line of vitamins, supplements, fitness accessories, and even books and other items that can help someone better understand personal fitness. While Enhanced Athlete has done very well in the industry, they have had to deal with fierce competition as well. While most of this competition is done in the store and through consumers, they recently had a major fight against a competitor as well.


Several years ago, Enhanced Athlete was served with a lawsuit filed by Nutrition Distribution. This company is another entity that operates in the fitness and nutrition industry. However, Nutrition Distribution has also developed the reputation for being a bully when it comes to the legal process. A few years ago, Enhanced Athlete was the latest victimized organization when Nutrition Distribution filed a lawsuit against them.


The lawsuit that was filed effectively stated that Enhanced Athlete had completed a variety of misleading and false advertising claims. Nutrition Distribution stated that the advertisement campaign had a lot of negative and inaccurate information about products that nutrition distribution sold. While many companies end up trying to settle these claims outside of the courtroom, Enhanced Athlete knew that the claim was frivolous and they decided to have their case heard.


When they started to present their case, Enhanced Athlete decided to focus on the reputation of Nutrition Distribution. In the first day of deliberations, Enhanced Athlete was very easily able to show that Nutrition Distribution was very frivolous with their lawsuits and used settlements as a way to make money. Enhanced Athlete pointed out that in the past few years alone, Nutrition Distribution had filed more than 70 different lawsuits and claims against other companies in the industry.


After hearing this, the court case was quickly thrown out. However, it remains to be seen what will happen with other open cases involving Nutrition Distribution.