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How Academy of Art University Grows Your Your Talent

Discovering a great talent in arts is one of the uncommon things that we see today. Now, can you imagine how much it takes to discover 21 talents? well, I will tell you. The runway showcase that was held on September 2017 by the fashion school at the Academy of Arts University discovered 21 designers who left the audience amazed, including the director of education and professional development (CDFA), Sara Kozlowski and Ms. J Alexander from America’s next top model.

This fact is, this is not a new thing in the university because a lot more talents have been discovered and developed in the university, but this doesn’t cease to amazes me. I always wonder what they do in the university to get all these talents to the world. I did some research and learned that it’s not magic or something outside this world, it’s just determination to bring the best out of the students and support them as they grow.

For over 80 years since its establishment, Academy of Art University has grown to be the largest private accredited design school in the nation. It offers 30 programs and various degree level to over 16000 students from all over the world and greatly encourages the students who are interested in art and design.

The students there learn from the bottom up and are taught all elements required to be an artist. The instructors are knowledgeable and talented, and they offer valuable advice to the students as well as help them build their sense of goals and strength as an artist. As you can see from the 21 designers and many other talents that has grown from the university, you do the work and put in the effort to get the grades that you deserve.

As an artist, graduating from the Academy of Art University is a big plus to your talent and positions you to be the best in your field of study. You can tell from all the great skills that were seen in the showcase. The designers’ range, silhouettes, and craftsmanship techniques prove that they will inspire and lead the fashion industry.