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Malcolm Casselle and The Outstanding Contribution He Offers For Virtual Assets Traders

By and large, bitcoin’s tremendous growth, popularity, sensationalism, and importance is unmatched and even unforeseen. Who would have foreseen the great success of something that only a few can understand? Bitcoin is an obscure topic for general readers, and the fact that it’s right now ultra profitable and revolutionary makes everyone who’s still not part of it wants to join the bandwagon. Fortunately for Malcolm CasSelle and his bitcoin-heavy company WAX, he’s already part of the game.

The Virtual Assets Growth

Most of the people today already know about Malcolm CasSelle as the man behind OPSkins, the number one Bitcoin trader today that specializes in gaming skins for online consumers. The Bitcoin tech in OPSkins has been instrumental in giving people the access to various micropayment programs, cross-border transactions and other online commerce collaterals that previously had only been reserved to those tech-heavy people. Malcolm is successful in that he’s able to make it available to a mass-market audience of gamers in various parts of the world. But his passion doesn’t stop there.

Two of the biggest problems in the bitcoin commerce in OPSkins are fraud and fragmentation. The creation of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) basically answers these two problems and creates a P2P marketplace for consumers that are more secure, more reliable and less prone to glitches. Truly, WAX is such an added value to the online gamers today.

About Malcolm CasSelle, the President of WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is the entrepreneur behind many tech initiatives today, and his work for WAX is one of the most outstanding among the list. His training at tronc, Inc. may have been instrumental in his success at WAX, but it could also be his constant passion for creating valuable consumer-centric products that make him ace the game. His other ventures include investments in Facebook, Zynga, Mediapass and Xfire. These ventures would not have been possible if it weren’t for his keen attention to consumer markets, what makes people tick and what gets people to shell out money in exchange for entertainment and other assets.

Mr. Casselle got his Bachelor’s degree in MIT, while his masters are from Stanford University, majoring in Computer Science.