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Wikipedia Needs More Information About Indigenous People from You

After discovering that only a little content concerning indigenous people is available on Wikipedia, the foundation responsible for running the resourceful encyclopedia has moved swiftly to invite editors to increase the coverage. Native Americans, who have accomplished a lot in their respective fields, are highly underrepresented when it comes to Wikipedia coverage. In October, the members of Wikiconference North America, a yearly forum for Wikipedia writers and editors, attended an Indigenous Peoples’ Day called edit –a-thon. During the event, attendees had an opportunity to come up with articles about Native Americans as well as other indigenous peoples.

The purpose of the conference was to expand and create reliable articles about tribes, historical personalities, and movements. Wikipedia enthusiasts across the globe have embraced this strategy and are already adding more information on the forgotten groups and the marginalized. Following the 2011 survey that revealed that women comprise of 8.5 percent of all editors globally, a new crusade of feminist Wikipedians arose and started to orchestrate edit-a-thons. The outcome was an increase in Women’s contributions and the expansion of coverage on matters affecting women.

Some of the major factors that have led to the little content on indigenous people include limited access and demographics. The findings of research conducted by the University of Oxford in 2015 indicate that local Wikipedia users across the globe hardly handle projects that touch on their cultures or places. Availability of broadband also determines how active editors will be.

The role of Wikipedia in online marketing

As a collaborative online encyclopedia, Wikipedia allows you to create either personal information or articles about your business. Once uploaded, these articles are available for viewing to millions of users who visit this site on a daily basis. Therefore, Wikipedia can be an important digital asset for boosting the visibility of your business. Availability of information about your business improves its credibility.

Get Your Wiki

Get Your Wiki is a group of talented Wikipedia experts who can create or edit Wikipedia pages or articles on your behalf. They save from the trouble of carrying out the tedious process of creating your Wikipedia page. The editors ensure your article is well referenced and formatted in an appropriate manner before uploading it. Their clients comprise of individual investors, companies, nonprofit entities,government institutions, and other esteemed organizations. The veteran Wikipedia editors will monitor and update a Wikipedia page and protect it from any malicious edit.

How To Start Writing And Editing Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia is a place where people can find information and resources on almost every subject imaginable. Any person wanting to help contribute can gladly do so very easily. There is a small little system you need to follow if you want to start writing or editing pages throughout the Wikipedia site.

Create A New Email

You want to create a brand new email. You do not want to use your own real email on this section mainly because you want to keep your identity hidden. When you sign up for a new email, keep the settings high and don’t give the page too much information.

Unique Usernames

Once the email is ready, create an account for Wikipedia by visiting here. What you need to know is that your username should not be your name.

Create Your Account

Finish creating your main Wikipedia account, and get started reading their policies and editorial guidelines. Start reading their rules and other forms of conduct to avoid future mishaps with their editors and managers who try to keep the site as professional as possible. The creation of the account can be done very easily, but once it’s all done, you can begin contributing content to Wikipedia.

Start Editing

Now it is time to start editing and providing content. Avoid writing on topics that you love. Instead, try going to topics that you know little about to make sure that you are providing real accurate information. This also helps avoid any uneasiness with the content you are providing. When you’re starting out, other editors can complain about your content. If you’re not that attached to that topic, it’ll mean nothing to you. However, if you enjoyed writing that article or making that edit, you’ll discover that you may be offended if the other editors decide to kick off the content you wrote.

Wikipedia is very much filled with a wide range of people with different opinions and ideas of what makes up a writer. Always remember that the others just want the site to be filled with factual content. Do your best and interact with the others who are out there to help you out. Wikipedia can be a fun place.