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Kim Dao & Sunny Q&A

In this fun video Kim Dao and her best friend Sunnydahye answer questions from their audience on a range of interesting topics. Kim Dao reads off the first question. Someone wants to know if she prefers Korea over Japan, Japan over Korea, or does she love them both the same. Kim Dao answers by saying that she used to love Japan more because she had an unpleasant experience the first time that she came to Korea, but now her views have evolved. Kim Dao has been having so many fun experiences with Sunny in Korea that it has made her love Korea just as much as she loves Japan. Sunny also says that she loves them both the same as well. Another person asks the question “When did you first start putting make up on?” Kim Dao responds that she was 14, and Sunny is quite surprised. Sunny responds that she began really using makeup as a freshman in college. Kim Dao answers another question that wants know what she enjoys doing in Japan. She quips back that she loves karaoke with friends, going to game centers, and eating. Sunny and Kim Dao answer even more questions from their viewers, and their responses are equally insightful and interesting.