Explore the Innovative World of ClassDojo

Class Dojo is a new and innovative app that is designed to bring together teachers and parents in order to encourage and reinforce positive student behavior. It supplies a place where teachers and parents can keep in continent communication on a student’s development. Since it’s as simple as logging in anywhere Wi-Fi or internet is available it works as an easy access for both the stay at home and working parents to stay up to date with their student’s progress. It’s fully accessible on any computer, smartphone tablet, and can even been used on an interactive whiteboard as well as projectors making it easier to gap the distant between school and home. The website includes many resources for teachers include but not limited to parent letter templates back to school presentation as well as video tutorials and ‘cheat sheets’ for teachers, parents, and students to better learn the system. Teachers also have an option to print out decorations to display around their classrooms or send home with the kids for fun at home activities. Set up is easy and begins with naming your class and selecting the grade level. Class Dojo is completely customizable and while the teacher can create their own the system starts with six positive pillars that the teacher may either opt in or out of including: Helping Others, On Task, Perseverance, Teamwork, Participating, and Working hard. Class Dojo also includes five class values to work on improving such as: Disrespect, No Homework, Unprepared and Talking out of Turn.

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