Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Puts Client’s First

Infinity Group’s client-first mentality has a family-esque fell about it. This is because to Graeme Holm, founder and director of Infinity Group, clients are family. Graeme is a talent financial broker with a passion for alleviating families from the strain of debt. Graeme is a Top 100 MPA broker, with a stellar resume that includes a seventeen year stretch in the finance market. Ten of those years fall under the Big Four heading, which is where is observed the debt problem many Australian families are inflicted with. The main reason is because of a severe lack of guidance and support. These families were faltering and no one was really going out of their way to help them. This is why Holm founded Infinity Group, and why Infinity Group is the fastest growing financial management firm in Australia.


Infinity Group’s services are customer-centric. They focus entirely on the customers and offer unending support to not only reduce debt, but rebuild finances as well. The experts at Infinity group offer a hands-on approach to money management. They sit down with clients and tirelessly examine their financial status. They look over everything with a fine-toothed comb and pinpoint where problem areas are. Any financial plan constructed by Infinity Group is tailor-made to their clients. Following Holm’s mission statement the company does not just offer advice, they also implement the plan as well. Their strategy is akin to a personal trainer, they push their clients to achieve their goals. The constant updates, check-ins, incentives, bonuses, and reviews walk clients through every step of the process. This is why clients who come to Infinity Group are able to pay back an average of $41,000 dollars in the course of twelve months.


Graeme Holm is also a huge believer in the value of cash. Knowing well the problems credit can generate the first step in Infinity Groups process is switching clients over to cash. They are allotted a certain amount of physical currency that they use to pay expenses. Anything they cannot afford using cash they cannot purchase. This builds healthy credit, keeps clients from amassing more debts, and allows quicker turnaround on debt reduction. But Infinity Group goes even further for their family of clients. They also stay with them past the debt payoff. They assign them a personal banker and work with them to build up their wealth. It is a complete package that not only puts customers back on their feet but allows them to run.

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