Honey Birdett: The Future in Lingerie Business

The lingerie brand from Australia, Honey Birdette launched its devoted United States e-commerce website and announced about taking its United Kingdom retail portfolio from the three stores up to 40 stores before the end of 2018. In Australia, the brand has 55 stores. Eloise Monaghan founded the brand, in the year 2006, Brisbane, the capital city of Australia. The brand launched the United States website after experiencing a 374 percent increase in the online sales of United States over the last 12 months.

Monaghan said that the aim of the new platform is enhancing the experience of the consumers, with a product range that is extended to the United States customer, easier returns, and faster delivery with free delivery for purchases more than $50. Last year in Covent Garden of London, Birdette opened the brand’s first store outside Australia. The premium label prices start at about £60 for bras and £35 for briefs. BBRC, a private investment company, supports the brand.

Honey Birdette idea came in the year 2006, when two friends were enjoying a glass of champagne. They were not pleased with the fact that they couldn’t find luxury bedroom accessories and provocative lingerie, so they decided to inject a sensuality sense into the bedroom of Australia. Eloise Monaghan is the leader of Honey Birdette; she’s the Creative Director and founder of the brand.

The boutiques of Honey Birdette are unapologetically sensual, playful, flirty, and have lush decor, with champagne served to customers. The boutiques have Pleasure Parlour, which is an amusement treasury that sends its clients blissfully to the edge and beyond. They also sell potent perfume from France, collars, harnesses, leather crops, and luxurious massage candles. Honey Birdette is empowering and entertaining women. Everything including the toy collection of Honey Birette is designed at the Honey Birdette headquarters.

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