How Fabletics Showed Me I was Ahead of My Time

Starting a business can be a long and frustrating process. I, myself have had a tough time getting my business off the ground. However, I have not given up. I have looked up information about how to get a business off the ground. Many articles have talked about the value of an ad agency. However, I was not going to use an ad agency for my business. For one thing, my business was going to be very small, and I didn’t have much money to put forward to ad agencies. I also did not believe that ad agencies were necessary as I thought about different ways to market.


Recently, I have observed a company in the fashion industry by the name of Fabletics. Fabletics is a part of the TechStyle group. One thing that they do is take on the fashion industry and look for ways of bringing improvement to the overall industry not just in America, but throughout the globe. They have quickly grew to be a successful and gigantic enterprise. Even though they have started out online in the fashion industry, they have succeed past all of the disadvantages that can come with the online fashion industry for customers.


One really important thing that I have realized about the TechStyle company is that they refuse to use ad agencies as well. This is something that has intrigued me. I have looked into the issue in order to find out why they have opted out of the usual ad agency services. In learning about the methods for advertising and marketing, I have found that I was a little ahead of my time given that TechStyle is not the only company that is doing its own marketing. There is a new breed of marketer that is doing all of the advertising without ad agencies.


When looking at the reasons that TechStyle and other companies are handling their own advertising, one of the reasons that they have given is that they want to have direct contact with the consumers. While ad agencies tell consumers what they want, TechStyle and other companies make sure that they get a response from the consumers that tell them what they want so that they can adjust their products. After all, it is the company that pays attention to the consumer and gives them the products they want that is going to go a lot further in business.

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