Jose Hawilla — Crave Knowledge, Gain Success

Entrepreneurs must be dedicated to lifelong learning. The best entrepreneurs read about their business and know their industry inside and out. They also read and learn the wisdom of other great entrepreneurs. The craving for new knowledge and the constant ability to learn from their experiences and from the wisdom of others is what makes a good entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs will seek out seminars, books, and websites that benefit them on their mission. This is the way they spend their free time. The true entrepreneurs will take the extra time necessary to cultivate their minds and strengthen their ability to build themselves. There is no better way to become successful than to obtain more knowledge in your field. The knowledge that comes from searching is useful through your entire life.

By staying sharp from constantly reading, entrepreneurs will place themselves ahead of their competition. They will build the knowledge that is necessary to anticipate market changes and the economic atmosphere. Entrepreneurs that are hungry to be better will wake up early to read the news and learn more about their industry. It is impossible to serve an industry that you know nothing about. The knowledge that you gain from staying on top of the latest happenings in the industry are indispensable to your mission of achieving success. The market will continue growing, so you should never stop reading. Knowledge is the key. For more details visit


Jose Hawilla has spoken about his thirst for knowledge. Without it, he would not be the entrepreneur he is today. Jose has served the marketing world and the entire football industry in Brazil. His company Traffic, is the largest marketing firm in Brazil. Jose Hawilla would not have been able to attain this major success if he had simply listed to his doubters when they told him he could not make money in football. By craving all of the knowledge he could possibly find, Jose Hawilla was able to remain open to the opportunities when they presented themselves. Hawilla was never caged in by his competition. Jose Hawilla is the best example of what knowledge can do, and he has made the economy in Sao Paulo, Brazil better because of his immense knowledge. You can search on Google for more.

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