Josh Verne’s Plan To Harness The Power Of Millennial Content Creators

Josh Verne is the ideal entrepreneur; he is a leader, passionate about his ideas and he knows how to market his companies. According to Verne, he gets the most out of his team by being a leader, not a boss. A boss works in his own best interest, while a leader works toward goals that benefit the company. To be successful, Verne says, “You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them in that proportion.” In other words, listen more often and you will appear more confident and authoritative. Verne also says that if you make every situation a win-win one, you’ll force yourself to find the best possible solutions for unexpected problems.


In 2016, Verne started FlockU with Jon Dorfman. The peer-to-peer website targets college students, in addition to having them write uncensored content and upload videos. Writers are known as flockers. FlockU expects advertisers to take advantage of site’s millennial audience. Verne, who never attended college, and at 38, isn’t considered a millennial, hopes that by letting students express themselves, they may learn more about real life.


In 2012, Verne co-founded Work Pays with Jon Dorfman and Paul Dumas, which was an e-Commerce platform for the underbanked, responsible borrower at zero percent interest. Global Analytics bought Work Pays in 2014 and indicated that they would continue to serve consumers who had difficulty obtaining credit elsewhere.

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