Lime Crime’s Innovative Cosmetics

For the girl that is looking to be self expressive and trendy, Lime Crime has a new lip color that you are sure to love. If you go for the punk rock colors, the new Scandal is just for you. This color is bold, bright and it makes a statement. The lip color is violet, with a deep purple hue. This is the newest addition to the Velvetines line. Lime Crime’s new Scandal Velvetine has the same luxurious and long lasting formular as the popular liquid-to-matte lipstick. Scandal is 100% vegan, and certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny.

According to reviews, Scandal’s purple color has lots of sex appeal, and gives the wearer that boss lady look. The CEO of Lime Crime recommends that this color be paired with the black liner for a more daring effect. For the best possible looking lips, apply some lip balm about fifteen minutes before putting on the lip color. Wipe away any moisture or oils and then glide on the Velvetines. It will dry to a velvety hard finish, but can be removed with a water free or oil based make up remover.

Lime Crime is a trendy make up company based in Los Angeles, California. They believe that “make up isn’t just a way to cover up imperfections, but a form of freedom and self expressions”. They want to bring high performance and innovative formulas to the world of cosmetics. Being an internet cosmetic brand, they have an Instagram following of over 2.6 million. Velvetines is proud to add Scandal to their cult classic line. So, if being trendy is your forte, and you want to be a little more than ordinary, you would be delighted with the new Velevetine line. For even more pout to the lips, the deep, dark color will stand out from the rest. The entire line of Velvetines new cosmetics will compliment the bold look of today.


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