Looking Deeper into the Business Operations at Southridge Capital LLC

Southridge Capital LLC is one of the most renowned private equity firms based in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The firm primarily engages in the provision of investment, banking as well as the brokerage of securities services. Southridge has headquarters located in different regions including the East Coast, Northeastern US, and New England. The company remains active in its operations since its establishment in 1996. Check out scribd.com for more.


Southridge Capital takes pride in a diverse, talented team of major executives that has a deep knowledge and understanding of the financial investment industry. Through their contributions and vast experience in the marketplace, the company readily offers extensive financial plans to a wide range of clients. Since its formation, Southridge has successfully managed about 1.8 million dollars of investments in the growth of various companies worldwide. Additionally, it has financed more than 250 companies in the public sector. As a result, is well versed with issues associated with the growth and development of companies. It can effectively offer assistance on the formation of public companies, customized financing strategies as well as the management of optimal balance sheets.

Steven M. Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Southridge Capital. According to him, the idea behind the formation of Southridge stems back from his tenure at a hedge fund in NY. Following the news on the closure of the company, Steven decided to start his own hedge fund firm as the immediate cause of action. His principal at the hedge fund allowed him to start Southridge operations while still working for him which greatly enhanced its stability.

According to PR Newswire, notably, through his expertise in financial structuring, derivatives, risk arbitrage and investment banking, Southridge Capital is currently a favorable company to a wide range of clients. Besides, his 30-years broad experience in the financial investment industry enables him to set the gap between Southridge and other companies in the market. Steven is also actively involved in setting up the overall strategic direction for the company as well as well business development and execution.

As such, being a major player in the provision of financial services in the U.S.A, Southridge Capital relies on sustainable growth and development strategies. The company seeks to dedicate its time and financial resources towards the development of the society, through the provision of innovative financial solutions.


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