Michel Terpins Displays The Spirit Of Sportsmanship On the Race Track

The input that Michel Terpins has made in supporting and participating in the Bull Sertoes rally is a constant reminder of the importance of working hard to achieve personal goals. Four years have now passed from the time Michel Terpins first set foot on the race track. At the moment, Michel Terpins makes a point of ensuring that his future will be brighter. The 45-year-old driver continues to motivate other young people in the society on the need for engaging themselves in sports, not only for the financial reward that results from the game, but also because of the fun that is associated with driving cars at extremely high speeds.

Organizing the Bull Sertoes Championship requires much financial support. Due to that reason, many sponsors have to be engaged to make the event a successful one. Some of the major companies that get to invest in the Bull Sertoes rally include Xarla, Cintra Advogados, Eventos, Terpins, and MEM team. The Bull Sertoes rally is continually becoming a famous event not only in Brazil, but also in the entire world. At the top of all the fame is the Terpins family where both Michel and Rodrigo are working hard to ensure that they remain known among the best rally drivers.

The career of Michel Terpins in rally driving is associated with some of the best records in the game, and he has been able to finish different races in the least amount of time, thereby setting a target for many other competitors. However, his success has not come without challenges, but he has worked hard to overcome the technicalities like a true sportsman. For instance, in the course of the 24th Bull Sertoes Rally, Michel Terpins finished in the fifth position despite numerous mechanical failures such gearbox breakdown that he experienced in the course of the race.

Challenges may lower the morale of driver especially in such a challenging tournament, but Michel Terpins believes that despite all that he may face, crossing the finish line is a must for him irrespective the position that he may end up attaining.

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