Mr. Jim Tananbaum – The CEO and Founder of Foresite Capital

According to the interview on, Mr. Jim Tananbaum is the CEO and Founder of Foresite Capital. In 2011, Jim designed Foresite Capital as a private equity firm that is dedicated to healthcare services. For that reason, Foresite Capital has emerged as one of the companies that promote healthcare leaders with profitability, capital, information, and networks. Mr. Jim came with the idea of Foresite Capital while working as the investment strategist and healthcare entrepreneur for more than 25 years. During that time, Jim Tananbaum believes that various experiences can lead to the identification of key factors to successful entrepreneurship. Most of these factors are determined by the science behind innovation together with the teams that make the process of entrepreneurship become a reality.

According to Mr. Jim, Foresite Capital is a company that has the ability of understanding and harnessing the future of healthcare. Therefore, he had an insight and recognition that the products and solutions of innovative healthcare require a lot of capital and more time than what most financiers and entrepreneurs expect. Perhaps, Foresite Company could play an important role for emerging leaders by providing them with capital, networks, and information for success. Furthermore, Foresite Company has invested in more than 77 healthcare companies that are dealing in the business of medical services, biopharmaceuticals, genomic sequencing, and diagnostics.

About Mr. Jim Tananbaum

Mr. Jim Tananbaum is the current CEO of the Foresite Capital, which is private equity firm specializing in the identification of future healthcare leaders. The sole company’s responsibility is to help feature healthcare leaders to grow in terms of profitability, information, networks, and capital. Currently, the largest investment that has been made by Foresite Capital is Intarcia, which is an implant for type II diabetes. The implant helps with the controlling of diabetes and at the same encourages weight loss by patients. Since diabetes and epidemic of obesity have affected more than 350 million people across the world, Mr. Jim comprehends that investment on Intarcia was the best decision. Check out his for more info.

Regarding educational background, Jim Tananbaum attended Yale University, from where he received his Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, Math, and Computer Science as the major. He also received his MBA and MD from Harvard University. Also, Mr. Jim Tananbaum earned his Master Degree in Engineering from MIT (Massachusetts Institutes of Technology). It was his passion for combining interdisciplinary sciences and computer science that resulted in the foundation of Foresite Capital.

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