Atlanta Hawks Score Record Season, Huge Franchise Sale

They always say that if you are going out you had better go out while on top, and that phrase applies directly to former Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson purchased the Atlanta Hawks back in 2002 through the Hawk Spirit LLC. He helped manage and cultivate the team for the past 14 years and made them into the yearly Eastern Conference power houses that they are today. It took awhile but Atlanta finally had a season that would make any team owner proud: Franchise record in wins, Eastern Conference Final berth (first time in 50 years!) as well as almost a full line up of starters in the All Star Game. Not a bad time to sell, right?

When the Los Angeles Clippers were sold this past year for a stunning multi billion dollar deal the market was dramatically re-adjusted. The going rate for NBA franchises seemingly doubled and that was definitely what happened with Atlanta. Last year they were estimated at a value of close to $400 million. When Antony Ressler, along with his group of buyers, closed their deal the Hawks ended up selling for close to $850 million. Levenson on ajc now gets to step away from the franchise as a winner in multiple different ways. So what will Antony Ressler be getting for his money?

Antony Ressler had an estimated value of close to $1.4 billion so it seems pretty clear that he knows how to make money, and that means making smart investments. The Atlanta Hawks, right now, are one of the smarter investments in the NBA. The Hawks are coming off of the aforementioned 60 win season and they’ve retained a vast majority of their Southeast Division winning roster. The Atlanta fanbase is finally showing prolonged interest in the NBA team and now there is a possibility for Ressler to cultivate some long term momentum for the team.

Right now Atlanta is looking like a lock for one of the top 10 spots in the NBA power rankings. By retaining Paul Millsap and plugging in some veteran acquisitions (Tiago Splitter, Tim Hardaway Jr.) the Hawks have retooled and refueled for another deep run. Going three rounds into the NBA playoffs after a grueling regular season will wear any players down, so having new blood infused into the roster is pretty important.

The big focus for Atlanta, and Ressler in particular, will be the start of the 2015 – 16 regular season. Right now Atlanta is being downplayed by critics and analysts and a slow start could lead straight into a prolonged slump. The East has gotten competitive enough that a prolonged slump could spell long term trouble for a team even as talented as the Hawks.

Cruelty-Free and Creative Conscious

Creativity in Cosmetics

Finding the perfect shade of ravishing rose, soft primrose pink or pale plum to complement a curvy lip, can brighten any artsy fashionista’s mood. Drawing the eye and capturing the imagination through the use of cosmetics, the artist in all of us can express individuality and creativity via a unique platform. Whether one is creating the illusion of smoky eyes for a late night lounge party, or brushing on bright and bold colors of shadow to highlight a bubbly personality, makeup application is an art-form all its own. For many, the face is a blank canvas anxious for a painter’s talented touch.

The Darker Side

Over the years numerous varieties of beauty products have provided dusky cheekbones, luscious lashes, and glistening lips to appreciative consumers. Cosmetics are responsible for bringing relief to generations of people struggling with skin problems. Countless times potential disasters from the sudden onslaught of an unsightly pimple or a facial blemish on picture day, have been averted by hastily procured cover-up products. Sadly, many don’t realize that animals pay the ultimate price to provide consumers with those “aw” moments or sighs of relief. In cosmetic testing, animals suffer in excruciating conditions for the sake of endorsing a beauty product. Animals used in cosmetic testing are: rabbits, mice, guinea pigs and rats. Notorious for its inhumanity, the lethal-dosage test forces animals to consume varying doses of ingredients, to pin-point the amount it would take for someone (or in this case an animal) to die after ingesting a specific ingredient. To add even more insult to injury, cosmetics that are animal-tested cannot fully guarantee safety for human use. Results from cosmetic testing are confusing and often unclear.

Making A Statement

One cosmetic company is standing up against animal cruelty and standing out. With their firm stance in opposition of animal-testing and their line of fashion-forward makeup, Lime Crime successfully creates vibrant, high-quality products made with cruelty-free/vegan ingredients. For trend-setters,or avant-garde enthusiasts, Lime Crime cosmetics offers the perfect medium to illustrate the fanciful and the fashionable. Their liquid-to-matte lip color makes for a brilliantly fresh statement, while they celebrate grunge and earthy undertones in the offering of a multi-color eye shadow kit. Not adverse to glam, their zodiac themed cosmetic glitter is affordable, adding just the right accent to pouting lips or polished nails. A sparkling testament to originality and appreciation of the arts, Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that embraces self-expression, encouraging consumers to continue to dream in color. Impacting the cosmetic world, as well as the world of activism, Lime Crime brings awareness to animal suffering, and creates aesthetically pleasing products for the enjoyment of consumers everywhere.


The Search for Garden Space in New York Real Estate

Oh, for a little hint of greenery, is it really too much too ask?

As real estate in New York heats up again after the ups and downs of the recession, a new factor is becoming an issue in the search for NYC apartments for rent for dwellings in this overcrowded city. What people are looking for now is a hint of a garden and patio to relax in. At these prices, is it too much too ask?

Real estate professionals in New York now say that serious buyers want apartments that give them a dose of nature to take away the edge of city life. What’s an issue, however, is how honest the listings are that mention a garden/patio with the apartment. Does “garden/patio” mean there’s an outdoor sitting area involved, with a little bit of grass, or does it mean if you look really hard out the window you might see a park a few miles away? Savvy buyers have to read between the lines, or hopefully work with a realtor who knows the score, garden wise.

Realtors who know what to look for can do a lot of detective work to find a property that has an actual garden attached, though it might take some doing. There are listings in places like Brooklyn that come with small gardens that are sometimes a bit larger than the apartments themselves, but if a buyer wants greenery, perhaps the trade off is worth it.

The real estate professionals at TOWN have been doing a lot of searching of late to find the right balance between garden spaces and living spaces for their clients. As one of the top luxury residential real estate firms in the city, TOWN has made a name for itself over the past few years with its solid track record of finding just the right properties for clients. They do it by really listening to their client’s desires while still keeping their eyes on the realities of the market.

So, if that means finding a penthouse downtown with hardwood floors, a view, and a real garden with real grass and flowers, that’s what they’ll do. Let’s face it, finding that dream spot in this city is no small feat, but with the right advice from professionals who really know the lay of the land, anything’s possible. Even a place with a real garden.

Most Serious Art Collectors Have Art Advisers

There has been an art collecting boom going on for the last 30 years. Not that people didn’t collect art before then, but at the end of the 20th century the baby boomers go serious about art as an investment. With the dawn of big hedge fund managers in the 1990s, more investors had more money to invest. Typical commodities and securities were their primary avenue for investing, but art became a secondary investment road. Unlike stocks and bonds, collecting art was a tangible investment. Collectors could hold it, look at it, and most of all enjoy it. As the demand for art grew, art advisors took on an extended and important role. Art advisors were not afraid to do whatever it took to satisfy the collector that was willing to pay them a 10 percent commission for their art knowledge and their investment sense.

Art advisor Todd Levin was the eyes and ears behind Adam Sender’s success in collecting contemporary art. Levin is a good example of a very successful art advisor that lived well thanks to one collector. Sender, the young hedge fund manager, started to expand his investments in art back in the 1990s and about fifteen years ago Sender called New York-based Levin and asked him to help him manage his growing collection of contemporary art.

When Sender made the call to Levin, he had already accumulated a massive collection, and his main objective was for Levin to be the curator of that collection. Sender and his wife Leni wanted to sell some of the collection, and they needed help sorting through their large volume of work in order to ear-mark the pieces that could bring top dollar. Sender had managed to collect some of the hottest artists in the art world and he knew he could recover his original investment and make some money with Levin’s help. Sender owned works from Andreas Gursky, Mike Kelley and Richard Prince along with several other well-known artists. Adam Sender is a well known part-time art collector.

Sender and Levin made a great team. The pair managed to sell a portion of Sender’s 800 piece collection for $70 million in 2014. Sender and his wife recouped their $20 million investment and made a bundle thanks to Levin and some incredible works of art. There’s no doubt art advisors are worth the money if investors have a serious art collection.

Town Residential Helped Me Find A Great Home In Manhattan

I’ll never forget what happened on September 11, 2001, because it was the most terrifying day of my life. I have family members that had survived being close to the towers when they fell, and I felt badly for those who lost family members in the attacks. I didn’t live in New York City at the time, but I had always wanted to move to the city. After the twin towers had fallen, I did resent the fact that I would never get to see the towers in person. I’d also never be able to go to the top of the towers, and view of the city from the tallest buildings in the world.

Things have changed a lot since 2001, and I eventually had to move to NYC apartments for rent on Town Real Estate on my own. One of the first places that I visited was the 9/11 memorial, and it made me reflect on those that had lost loved ones after those attacks. I really appreciate a place like New York City, and the people here have been through a lot, and yet they still persevere. I wanted to be in a city where the people are strong; they work hard, and they continue fighting in the face of adversity, and that’s why I chose to move to New York City.

Of all the cities I could’ve picked to live in, I chose New York City, and I would never say I made the wrong decision. I currently live in the suburbs, but I’m looking to move to Manhattan because I want to be in the center of New York City where there’s a lot more to do. I have a business that I’m looking to start in Manhattan, and I’ve even found a great place to start the business. I already have the funding I need for the business, so I just need to find a place in New York City.

I wanted to get out of the suburbs and into the city, so I decided to work with Town Residential. I know that Town Residential has a portfolio of some great real estate properties, and I might be able to find myself a home that’s close to where I’ll be working. It would be nice to live in Manhattan and work in Manhattan at the same time. The agents over at Town Residential were great, and they brought me some great prospects when it comes to real estate, and I went through the list very quickly. There were so many great homes to choose from that I could hardly make a decision, but I settled on looking at one particular home. I plan on checking out the home very soon.

Grant Hill and Company Own Atlanta Hawks

The long sales process of the Atlanta Hawks has finally resulted in the team being sold to a group led by Anthony Ressler. The team also includes Grant Hill and Jesse Itzler. The final price of the sale is $850 million. This turns out to be a very profitable transaction for Bruce Levenson. Bruce Levenson has began a lengthy process of selling the team which resulted in a few close calls for making the final deal. At one time, the team was predicted to sell for $1 billion or more. However, in one bid, the highest price that was offered was closer to $700 million. While this may have been a disappointing turn out, it was a good profit for Bruce Levenson.

Things did turn around for the better for Bruce Levenson when the group led by Ressler has formed a deal which offered $850 million. The only thing that needed to happen is that the owners had to approve of the sale, but that was a given. The agreement of the sale was announced on Wednesday. The new owners have expressed their excitement of owning the team. They have shown respect to the process of NBA’s approval. Of course, they extended their best wishes to the Hawks for the playoffs.

The final price was said to be the reflection of the team’s strength. This is actually seen to be a good sign of not only the team, but the whole NBA market. People also think about the many media deals that could be made both locally and nationally. There is also the NBA team valuations. The final price has come a long way from the previous sales of the team. When Bruce Levenson bought the Hawks, the price that he has paid was $250 Million. The final price of this most recent sale has shown how much the team has gained in value over the years.

The team will operate under the new ownership of Grant Hill and the others from this point on. They will still provide all of the entertainment that they have always provided. From Bruce Levenson’s announcement of selling the team back in September to the final deal made for the team, it has been a long process. Either way, the final deal has proven to be worth it, even if it is not the deal that was expected.

The Accomplishments Of Stephen P Murray

Just this last spring in an article on, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital lost one of its most prolific leader, Chief Executive Officer and president of one of the largest private equity firms in the nation. The company is now run by Greg Brenneman, the new CEO who also expressed his condolences in wake of Murray’s passing saying that the company had lost a great “partner” and “friend” in Murray and expressed prayers for his family, and paid tribute to his accomplishments throughout his time with the company. As a champion of private equity investments, Murray took his career full throttle in the field for CCMP, and even just in the last year helped raise a $3.6 billion profit.

Murray’s beginnings started out in a neighborhood of New York City in the Westchester district in 1962, and his educational accomplishments included a bachelor’s degree from Boston College in economics, and an MBA from the Columbia Business School. He first got into the financial markets in 1984 when he joined Manufacturers Hanover Corporation as part of a professional training program, but he would soon become vice president of MML operations there. His time with Hanover Corp saw many different mergers, starting in 1989 when they were bought out by MH Equity Corporation, and soon after Chemical Bank, and then Chase Capital which would eventually be merged with JP Morgan took over.

The firm operated under the name of JP Morgan Partners for three years as a part of the main bank of JP Morgan, and during that time it expanded into the private equity sector and leveraged buyouts of middle market deals. However, when the firm purchased the pharmaceutical company Warner Chilcott, concerns over conflicts of interest with other firms doing business with JP Morgan were expressed. In the wake of that, CCMP Capital became a sole operating corporation with no ties to JP Morgan and began its own private equity ventures. Other retail sector companies that have been backed by CCMP Capital include Quizno’s and Cabela’s, and they have also held private equity in healthcare and energy companies.

Trump Pulls No Punches on Way to the Top

The simple truth is this, Donald Trump is pushing his way to the top, regardless who he has to step on to do so. This is not necessarily a bad thing as Trump continues to grow support each week steadily. Any other candidate would have already been done in by the bad publicity, but Trump seems to be reveling in it.

Trump recently took to the podium at a rally in Texas to a full house of supporters, one of them is Susan McGalla. He went into detail about his concerns for the safety of this country and how he would make changes. Many of Trump’s opposition state that he is big on words but small on actions. Trump says that he backs up his words with action, and cited several current affairs in which he would have handled them differently. He brought up the latest deal that was made with Iran.

Trump says that America go the losing end of that deal and Iran is laughing at how they were able to get everything and more that they wanted. Trump says that he would have been stern, upping sanctions three times as high, making Iran either compromise or walk away from the deal for a few months until they were ready to seriously negotiate. Trump says we did neither in this case, we gave in and we are a laughing stock to every other country. We are treated like a doormat, people come here for everything and give nothing back. Trump is anxiously awaiting his debate with his competition and promises to keep things civil.

How To Start Writing And Editing Wikipedia Pages

Wikipedia is a place where people can find information and resources on almost every subject imaginable. Any person wanting to help contribute can gladly do so very easily. There is a small little system you need to follow if you want to start writing or editing pages throughout the Wikipedia site.

Create A New Email

You want to create a brand new email. You do not want to use your own real email on this section mainly because you want to keep your identity hidden. When you sign up for a new email, keep the settings high and don’t give the page too much information.

Unique Usernames

Once the email is ready, create an account for Wikipedia by visiting here. What you need to know is that your username should not be your name. It should not be related at all to things you like. Try to use a username that nobody has found of you before. Try to keep it as corporate and professional as possible.

Create Your Account

Finish creating your main Wikipedia account, and get started reading their policies and editorial guidelines. Start reading their rules and other forms of conduct to avoid future mishaps with their editors and managers who try to keep the site as professional as possible. The creation of the account can be done very easily, but once it’s all done, you can begin contributing content to Wikipedia.

Start Editing

Now it is time to start editing and providing content. Avoid writing on topics that you love. Instead, try going to topics that you know little about to make sure that you are providing real accurate information. This also helps avoid any uneasiness with the content you are providing. When you’re starting out, other editors can complain about your content. If you’re not that attached to that topic, it’ll mean nothing to you. However, if you enjoyed writing that article or making that edit, you’ll discover that you may be offended if the other editors decide to kick off the content you wrote.

Wikipedia is very much filled with a wide range of people with different opinions and ideas of what makes up a writer. Always remember that the others just want the site to be filled with factual content. Do your best and interact with the others who are out there to help you out. Wikipedia can be a fun place.

Creating Acceptable Content for Wikipedia

Wikipedia has become an indispensable resource for many. A general web search on most subjects will yield a Wikipedia article in the top few results. The crowd sourced encyclopedia did not reach this level of trust and respect without a great deal of work. Administrators, editors and users have, over time, formed a consensus of what constitutes acceptable content. The guidelines established through these efforts help ensure that the information contained in any Wikipedia article is consistent and accurate. I took a few on how to create a Wiki page from GetYourWiki and have outlined a few of these important concepts in this article.

When creating a new article or updating an existing article, we need to be sure that the facts we intend to present are true and correct. Before we begin writing, we should already have established reputable sources and citations to support our content. Collecting and organizing this information first is the best way to avoid frustration later on in the process.

Our introductory paragraph needs to be more than just fluff, it serves an important purpose. Within this brief introduction we tell the reader what the subject of the article will be and why it is important. We are establishing our reader’s perception of the entire article with these first few sentences. Ensuring that our initial paragraph is informative and effective can make a big difference in how well the rest of our piece is received. Putting an appropriate amount of time and effort into this process can also help us in structuring the main body of our content cohesively.

When we have reached the point of having our sources in place and our introductory paragraph written, it is time to begin the process of reading the materials provided on the site to help us write an acceptable article. Wikipedia articles on creating and editing content provide a detailed instruction set to help us throughout the process. A great place to start is the Wikipedia Manual of Style.