They Laid an egg and the Law won, Laidlaw lost and the law won.

At first blush there seems to be a media frenzy, social at the minimum, against Laidlaw & Company, well known investment banking firm. The only thing we know about Matthew Eitner and James Ahern the principals and the company is that they have lost a legal battle in arguably the most corrupt state in the Nation.


A ‘therapeutic’ oriented concern slapped some kind of court order on them prevailing on some grounds of the common good we’re sure. We all need more opiates don’t we? I mean they relieve all sorts of pain and addiction eventually leads to heroin when the money runs out.


The result is a great way to control our black and undesirable white populations not only in America, but around the world. With a vision and unity of purpose to keep the white race in control of the destiny of humanity.


Who will colonize Africa if not the white man? Do we trust the Negro to enslave and disenfranchise his brother if he is not under white control? White power, white control.

The message is what we the white man say it is. Opiates from us are good, every thing the other guy says is manure.


So that’s what we know and we know it because this is written by an older man on the internet and you can trust this. The truth is what we say it is!


An official court in a state named Nevada said so too. What more proof could you possibly require? People on line complain about harassing phone calls, so that must be true as well.

Find A Great Lip Balm With Evolution Of Smooth

Many women love to wear lip balm’s. The natural look is really “in” when it comes to lips, and many women do not want to have to wear lipstick. Lipstick can be annoying, because it comes off easy, it can dry out lips, you can get on clothing, and it doesn’t look natural. Lip balm is much more easy to use and soothing than lipstick can be. A lot of lipsticks are filled with dyes, perfumes, and unnatural ingredients. Many lip balms are free from a lot of the contaminants and allergens that lipsticks have, because they do not have the added colors and wax.

Women may try in vain to find the right lip balm for themselves. There are many different chap sticks, and lipsticks that are available as well, so it can be tough. Some women may try a certain lip balm only to find that it is not right for them. Evolution Of Smooth lip balms really can be a great choice, because they can even be worn over lipstick if a woman wants to wear her favorite color lipstick and still have nice soft lips. Not only can Evolution Of Smooth lip balms add color and beauty to woman’s lips , but they also are soothing and they can actually correct any dryness problems or cracked lips.

Evolution Of Smooth is a lip balm that is unique by its own right. They are flavored and packed with vitamin D, jojoba oil, and Shea butter. These are all natural lip balms and they are dermatologist tested. These lip balms are free of petroleum and any other allergens that can irritate the woman’s lips,and they are soothing. The great thing about evolution of smooth lip bombs are that they are hypoallergenic, and they come in a wide variety of flavors and colors. EOS products are available on Walmart and can be ordered online on Amazon too.

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Don Ressler is an Online Strategist and Fashion Maven

Don Ressler is a businessman and entrepreneur and began his career when the Internet was in its young stage. Ressler and his friend and business partner Adam Goldenberg, is the Co-Founder of the online fashion retail subscription service, JustFab. Formerly named JustFabulous, the company was formed in 2010 and carries a selection of denim, jewelry, handbags and shoes. Mr. Don Ressler has also created several other companies with JustFab as the parent company including FabKids, Shoe Dazzle and Fabletics. The goal of the company is to provide the best shopping experience while delivering quality fashion and accessories at affordable prices.

The business model is subscription based and for a monthly fee, each member experiences a personal and unique shopping experience at Upon subscription, each member fills out a survey that serves as a preference base upon which all choices made. On the first of each month, a personal stylist chooses several items according to each member’s preference survey and the member has the choice to accept all or some of the items, reject some or all of the choices or choose alternate items.

Mr. Don Ressler received funding from Matrix Partners in 2011 to help support their new start-up. The additional funding helped Ressler and Goldenberg expand their business in 2012 and establish operations in Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany. JustFab also acquired FabKids, a children’s online subscription service. Don Ressler also attracted the attention of Kimora Lee Simmons, fashion icon and businesswoman, who was intrigued by the company and the business model. Simmons saw the incredible potential of the company and did not hesitate to take on the roles of President and Creative Director. One of her great strengths and talent is to cultivate a fan and customer base through social media.

In 2013, JustFab upped its game and level of visibility when it embarked on a path in television. JustFab became the subject of a television show called “Kimora: House of Fab.” Each episode showcased a behind the scenes look at the JustFab offices and the duties of the marketing and merchandising division and the public relations department. The television series served as a tremendous marketing tool as it brought attention to its subscription service as well as the name JustFab.

The company has grown significantly and quickly and has added brick and mortar locations to its holdings. There is a three to five year expansion plans in place to add another 75 to 100 store locations to its repertoire.

The Future of Search is in Product Recognition


There was a period of time, when internet searches were new, where the technology seemed like magic. You could type literally anything into a search box, and instantly get results from around the web (and consequently around the world). Now nothing needs to remain a mystery, just type your question in a search box (or even ask a personal assistant in your phone like Siri), and the answer is just seconds away.

Now a new technology is starting to gain a lot of traction which allows you to search the world using pictures rather than words: image recognition. With image recognition, computers are able to determine what is represented in a photo and perform a search for sorts for that image. It can be used to identify what something is, say an usual plant or animal, or can even be used for more complex ideas, like purchasing clothing.

One company implementing image recognition technology in an interesting way is Slyce. The company uses the camera on your phone to essentially turn the world into your own personal shopping mall. For instance, with Slyce someone could snap a photo of a cute purse they see that they see someone carrying at a coffee shop, and then instantly get options on where to buy the same purse, or something similar, online.

The idea is particularly interesting, because it doesn’t require customers to know what something is, simply take a picture of it. Even better, it can be used to comparison shop while you’re out and about as well. For instance, if you absolutely love a pair of designer boots, but don’t have the funds to buy them, you could snap a photo and be able to search for another pair that looks similar, but doesn’t have quite as steep a price tag.

The future is definitely in images. Are you ready?

The Reason Why Makari de Suisse Products are Unique

If you have not used Makari products, you do not know what you are missing out on. The products are designed for users with dark skin. They are also made for those men and women who would like to lighten their skins the safer way. There are many people who rely on products which contain hydroquinone. However, recent studies show that the long term use of skin whitening products which contain the chemical may lead to cancer and other skin related conditions. For a safe product which can be used on your face without such adverse effects, choose Makari de Suisse face products today.

The reason why Makari de Suisse lightening creams are unique is because they are made with love. They are manufactured by a Swiss company which ensures that the products they make are of standard quality. Their ingredients are also sourced from various areas of the world. One of their best ingredients is caviar which, when applied on the skin, will mimic the human skin cells. Other ingredients include extracts from mulberry leaves, lemon leaves and oils such as argan and castor oil.

The benefit of the ingredients in Makari de Suisse products is that they are natural. This means that they are not harmful on the skin. On the contrary, they help the skin through various ways. For instance, if you have uneven skin tone, you can even it out and have a beautiful complexion with just a few applications. The other advantage is that the products help the skin shed off old skin and help it generate newer skins. This is made possible by the products which stimulate skin cell growth.

There are many skin products out there in the market but when you get a line of face products which caters to your skin needs, you are better of working with those products. The Makari de Suisse line of products is such a brand. They have a range of products which you can choose from. They also have hair care products and a line of makeup. With their products, your journey to dazzling skin is easy.

Dick DeVos: Someone Who Has Made Plenty of Steps

As someone who is trying to be an entrepreneur, I am looking for examples of success. Among the examples of success I see is Dick DeVos. He is someone that has worked plenty of different jobs and have taken on plenty of different high end opportunities. He has also made some wise investments of his time and energy so that he can continue to bring his net worth to a higher level. His father has started up the company called Amway Corporation. Given that his father was a very successful businessman, this gave Dick the challenge of rising from the shadow of his father in order to become his own man with his own legacy.

Dick has managed to run a full successful career. Among the activities he has been involved in was being the owner of the Orlando Magic franchise. He has been appointed by his father to manage the franchise. At the same time, he was involved with the Windquest Group as a manager. This is a lot of responsibility to take on for a businessman. Dick DeVos is also father and a husband.

Above all, Dick DeVos is a philanthropist. He has a foundation which helps children get the education they need. He runs this foundation with his wife. It is called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. One thing that Dick believes in is the value of education when it comes to either maintaining or even improving one’s circumstances. He is also someone who appreciates the efforts that people make in order to reach higher levels of success beyond what they can do working a dead-end job.


Lovaganza is the mother of all foundations aimed at bringing together the entire globe. She has worked towards the development of peace, harmony, love and unity amongst all races. She has a passion for promoting equality amongst all humanity despite the geographical differences and different levels of hardships in various locations.

The primary objective of Lovaganza is, therefore, to lessen the extent of suffering amongst people in less developed areas and increase their self-confidences as they interact with people from the developed regions.

Lovaganza is achieved through a thorough evaluation of the existing problems and intelligent decision making on what could be rectified. Several programs have been designed for the achievement of these objectives; provision of basic needs to children, food, clothing, and shelter, provision of quality health services and migration of children from the war-infested areas to peaceful regions of psychological stability.

Lovaganza excelled in peace promotion through the development of films capturing actors from different areas and showcasing different themes. The act of combining has helped in peace promotion programs between people from the different regions. The films are a great attraction to people as the topics evoke the memories of the people and indirectly lead to the creation of connections between them.

Sharing of cultures from different nations creates a beautiful scene where people meet to enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of their partners. Each party will always have something interesting and unheard of by the others. The uniqueness of Lovaganza will, therefore, enlighten their souls to participate in the events of the other.

Music is a great source of entertainment, harmony, and education. They have been used as a tool for calming wavering situations. It is the mix of the culture and music that people will enjoy the company of the other. Events henceforth planned for such activities will be eagerly awaited. Dance surpasses all items of entertainment and will be the greatest healer of the most painful wounds and rifts amongst people.

Parties have a lot to learn from each other hence the thirst to be part of and learn what the other people experience and enjoy. The sharing of these entertainment objects will strengthen the bond between nations thus global prosperity. It is through the exchange of music, dance, and culture that citizens will be fully involved physically, mentally and emotionally. Situations like these leads to softening of hearts in cases where grudge existed, gradually emerges of relationships between people and within no time, permanent elimination of differentiating factors.

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What Has White Shark Media Done In Response to Complaints?

White Shark Media wants its clients to see a lot of money roll into their bank accounts. After all, the sole purpose of advertising is for a business to generate revenue.

Revenue equals profits, but only when the money that comes in is more than what is expended. Once reason business owners like AdWords campaigns is because they cost little to operate and can bring in a lot of money.

More to the point, these types of campaigns are sure to bring in money when properly managed. This is where White Shark Media comes into play. Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

White Shark Media specializes in Bing and Google AdWords management. Clients who want an expert invisible hand guiding pay per click success absolutely are going to be in a better position than those trying to muddle through the process on their own.

White Shark Media has done a solid job of pleasing numerous clients. Many have made money. No company, however, is capable of running operations without ever hearing complaints from customers.

White Shark Media, in an interesting blog post, noted that management has reviewed complaints directed by customers. Rather than dismiss the complaints, the firm has worked hard at making necessary changes to arrive at improvements.

Areas of communication are were sore spots for White Shark Media Complaints team. Clients did complain about losing track of their campaigns. Others stressed annoyances with the inability to get in touch with search engine marketing (SEM) or sales representatives. White Shark Media eventually arrived at conclusions to solve concerns and complaints regarding communications.

In addition to totally changing the way the phone systems works, the company set up monthly video streaming sessions through the highly-reliable GoToMeeting platform. Every 30 days, clients meet online with a company representative to discuss the state of their campaign. A client never has to worry about being stuck in the dark.

As for the phone system itself, direct extensions have been set up so clients can reach the staff member they wish to discuss something with. The general number still exists, but it is no longer the only number people can call.

There are various other changes White Shark Media has instituted. The company has opted to improve its supervisory staff, institute phone lead tracking, and partially retain pre-existing campaign components.

White Shark Media is a business that wants to do best by its clients. Commitments to change and improvements are clear evidence of this.

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Securus Technologies Advocates for Ethical Business Practices by Shaming GTL

Breaches in integrity can cause significant damage to the reputation of a business or the entire industry. To avert this case, Securus Technology recently unveiled a plan to shame Global Tel Link (GTL) for its integrity breaches in its line of operations as an inmate communications provider. In a report by PR Newswire Securus Technologies intends to release a series of articles, reports, findings as well as facts pertaining Global Tel Link. In line with its intentions, it released its first report.

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As a leader in the particular industry,Securus Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer expressed his personal and industry disappointment in GTL’s actions. Richard A. Smith cited that the business mission of his company goes beyond simply making money. It significantly involves providing satisfactory customer services to all its clientele including family members, inmates, correction facilities and law enforcement agencies.

The First Release

The release revolves around the actions or wrongdoings of Global Tel Link during its provision of outbound telecom solutions or services to numerous inmates incarcerated at the Louisiana Department of Corrections. The report, which was filed by the Louisiana Public Service Commission in a 17-page report dubbed Order No.U-20784-B, was dated January 21, 1998.The wrong doings include:

The investigation reports show that GTL participated in the deliberate programming of the clocks involved in timing the call duration for its telephones. GTL added several seconds to the call duration.

It also charged higher rates. This was done under GTL’s PSC rate caps or tariffs. Further, it added charges to calls made by its customers, especially after the rating of calls. This unauthorized activity was also accompanied by double billing practices on single calls.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the largest provider of civil and criminal justice technology services involved in monitoring, corrections, investigation and public safety. It boasts of a large clientele in North America, which includes more than 1200000 inmates. Early this year, it accomplished BBB accreditation as well as becoming an A+ rated company.

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Endeavors by Securus Technologies to Boost Integrity in the Inmate Communication Industry

Companies are expected to follow a certain code of ethics and practices in all their operations. Consequently, licensed or certified entities are highly trusted by their clients to offer desired services without compromising on quality as well as overcharging. However, some entities are operated contrary to the stipulated guidelines. This is termed as a breach of integrity, which is unlawful. Global Tek Link (GTL) is one of the firms that has recently experienced such accusations from various sources like Securus Technologies.
In its proclaimed series of articles, findings, facts and multiple reports, Securus Technologies recently unveiled reports citing the integrity breaches and wrongdoings associated with GTL, articles picked up by PR Newswire media. Consequently, the shaming of GTL is expected to run for a duration of the upcoming six months. This is projected to yield into better standards of integrity.

GTL’s Wrongdoings

Proof of GTL’s wrongdoings is contained in a formal document known as Order No.U-20784, which was compiled by the Louisiana PSC during its investigations on GTL. The exposure indicates various wrongdoings such as programming of the clocks to add extra seconds on call durations, unauthorized higher rates, artificially inflating charges to clients, and double billing calls.

Individuals like Richard A. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus highly disregarded the tarnishing of the inmate communication industry by companies like GTL and earlier offenders such as Enron. Although actions such as those reported by the Louisiana PSC were published on January 21, 1998, they serve as an indicator of what may still be happening in current times. Hence as per crunchbase experts, such offenders ought to be shamed or prosecuted.

Securus Technologies

Securus is a top provider of advanced criminal and civil justice technology services, which boost the incarceration experience as well as reinforcing public safety. Consequently, over 3450 public corrections, enforcement, and safety agencies depend on Securus for its services. Last year, the company announced its plans to acquire JPay, Inc. in a bid to provide the ultimate avenue for digitized education, entertainment, communications and payments in correctional facilities. More information can be obtained via