Fabletics Marie Claire

In a recent interview published by Marie Claire magazine at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/, actress Kate Hudson discussed her new line of athleisure dresses from her Fabletics brand that debuted this spring. According to Hudson, some of the bikini tops in the new line can also serve as a sports bra. Clothing with style and comfort is one of the company’s top goals, she says.

She mentions the classic little black dress in the collection of Fabletics. It is made from ultra-comfortable performance wear; yet, it is classy enough to be worn on a night on the town. Some of the recent dresses have built-in bras, says Hudson. She says that all of her collection give the right lifts and tucks where they are needed and that there is no need to wear Spanx ® with them.

Even the swimwear was made secure enough that the wearer can exercise in them with confidence. Although they have a sturdy design, they remain sexy and feminine, notes Hudson. These clothes were designed to be flattering to the figure.

When the Marie Claire reporter asked Hudson about athleisure clothes becoming high fashion, Hudson mused that there are a few designers who have accomplished this with higher prices. Fabletics uses a direct-to-the-customer model, she says, so her company can produce the same beautiful style for a fraction of the cost.

Kate Hudson has been a role model to thousands of women across the world to enjoy being fit and beautiful. For a long time, Hudson was not satisfied with how the fashion industry made high-quality active wear unaffordable to many people. In 2013, she co-founded Fabletics to change that. They now have a special line of clothing for men and children. Source: http://www.fabletics.com/the-summer-refresh.htm

Customers can go to the Fabletics website and order what they want to have shipped right to their home. Buyers give the brand high marks for quality and affordability. Those who want to join the VIP program get special discounts. There is even a loyalty card that offers even more specials after so many purchases. Fabletics is a company that caters to the needs of active people who want to stay stylish within a budget.

Reputation Management and Better Reputation

Reputation and reviews are shown to be paramount in the success of a business. Websites specifically dedicated to the accessibility of reviews, such as Yelp! and Facebook, as well as search engines, such as Google, have made seeing and reading reviews easier than ever. However, that is a problem for big companies, as some of the most poisonous and vile reviews can also quickly become the most readily seen by the public. This can easily damage the reputation of your company, and at the very least, drastically lower the profits you see. At the same time, however, it is important to maintain a presence on the internet in order to attract customers or clients, so what are your options?

Many companies today are turning to online reputation management services to help fix or prevent online public relation disasters and help increase your name across the board. Through utilizing search engine algorithms, these new brand of companies can modify your online standings, showing what good your company really can do and making the dangerous negative reviews more hidden.

In the modern world, companies live and die by their online presence and reputation, so it seems especially reasonable for them to want to maximize the positive and minimize the negative. One specific company, Better Reputation, helps individuals and small businesses do just that.

Better Reputation believes that your brand or name is your most valuable asset, and by going online, customers or clients are intending to get their first impression of you before you even meet them. They also know the negative effects one poor review can have, and do not feel it is fair for your company to die for it. Because of these beliefs, they are willing to offer a quote for their services to anyone free of charge. All it requires if for you to register at their website and sign up for a free estimate. They will get back to you exactly how they will build up your online reputation and for how much. However, Better Reputation offers reasonable rates, because they know that your reputation is important.

Source: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/7869-choosing-a-reputation-management-service.html

Former Swiss banker Mike Baur Is A Member Of The Swiss Startup Factory

The secrecy code that Swiss banks use to protect their clients has been on the federal books since 1934. The Banking Law of 1934 gives Swiss banks the authority to withhold information about client transactions and their identity. The 1934 law was amended in 2009 to exclude banking transactions that were related to tax evasion. The Swiss provided a haven for tax evaders for years, but when one of the Swiss banks was outed by a disgruntled employee in 2008, the banking system in Switzerland change, and change is still going on in the Swiss banking industry.

Mike Baur was part of the Swiss banking empire for more than 20 years, but he left that industry and he has made an impact on the way the Swiss treat their young entrepreneurs. Baur has always been a financial expert. Mike Baur was recognized for his business knowledge while he worked for Clariden Leu and the private bank, Sallfort. Banking in Switzerland represents 6.2 percent of the country’s gross domestic product, so Baur had the opportunity to meet young entrepreneurs that needed money to start businesses based on their ideas. Most of the entrepreneurs didn’t have the knowledge to start a business so the banks would deny their loan requests. Baur saw a trend developing especially as the technology sector became more important in businesses. Many of the entrepreneurs were considered “techies” that had great ideas but no business sense.

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Based on what he experienced at Sallfort, Baur decided to start Bainso, a company that provided the knowledge and the contacts young entrepreneurs needed to start a business. Mike Baur developed a finance, operations, and human resource program for people that needed help and he also provides networking connections as well as investor information, so these new startup companies are properly financed. The concept of helping young people with great ideas become future business executive caught on, and Baur’s business plan became a hit.

There is another venture that Baur believes in. Baur is a member of the Swiss Startup Factory. The Swiss Startup Factory also helps people start businesses. Baur is one of the expert members of that organization that mentors young entrepreneurs. Baur focuses on finance and basic business programs when he is mentoring.

The Swiss Startup Factory and Bainso are providing a service to Switzerland that has been needed for years. The Swiss are a creative group and many of those creations when unnoticed before Baur decided to change the way businesses get started in his homeland. 

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Losing Faith in Venezuela

People who live in Venezuela have just about lost their faith in God. According to Open Corporates, there are children who are hungry because of food shortages. Hospitals don’t have the medications needed to treat patients. Energy and water are being rationed. There are pets that have seemed to disappear from homes. In a state where it seems like more things are failing than getting better, it appears as though God has stopped providing for those who live in Venezuela. Some people are simply happy that they have a place to call home while others aren’t sure how they are going to make it from one day to the next. Most of the people who live there like Adrian Jose Velasquez,  have seen the state in crisis, but it’s never been this bad. The only thing that they can do is pray that things will get better before they get much worse. It doesn’t seem possible that things could get worse in the state.



QNET Stands Above The Direct Selling Competition By Promoting Health and Wellness

QNET is a 16 year old direct selling company that advocates healthy lifestyles operating out of Asia. The company has a distinct set of principles they follow with a clear focus that allows them to stand out among the wide competition. Since their core of their philosophy is about encouraging wellness for others, QNET has received remarkable reviews on their unique business style. With a goal to provide the very best products and high quality services, QNET has managed to achieve great success as an online marketing company. They extensively test each and every product they offer to ensure their quality and safety for consumers. They are strict about using no animal products or by-products in any of their products, to further promote vegetarianism.

Before any items can be added to the brand, every item goes through a process to rigorously test their quality. The process focuses on high moral standards and ideals, vegetarianism as a lifestyle, the well-bring of customers, and no artificial sweeteners or chemicals. This process ensures every product they provide is exceptional.

Another reason QNET is standing out as a successful company is their ideals behind spreading awareness to their customers. The company passionately believes that everyone has the ability to better themselves and those around them. Because of this, QNET is very serious about their social responsibilities and giving back to the community. They are especially dedicated to spreading awareness on obesity, heart disease, vegetarian ingredients, and other degenerative diseases.

One of the most notable things about QNET is the set of principles used as motivation for the overall good of the company. These principles are RYTHM and InService. RYTHM means Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and is focused on what every human can do for the benefit of people as a whole. InSerive was inspired but none other than Ghandi and is the promotion of selflessness and acts of kindness to people in need.

QNET is headquartered in Hong Kong and was founded in 1998. To this day, they have distributed their products in over 100 different countries around the world. Alongside their location in Asia, they have various locations around the globe that act as their offices.

Wen by Chaz Making Hair Healthier and Fuller

Thin hair is a huge problem for some women, because it is hard to style. Many hair products say they will help to thicken hair or make it healthier. A woman chronicled on her own facebook account her attempt to try out Wen to help her thin hair.
The 3in1 product says it will help make hair healthier. She decided to see if it will help her thin hair. Everyday she used it she reported her findings (on http://www.wen.com/before-after.html). On the first day, her hair was clean but no noticeable difference. After a couple of days, she felt it was healthier and shinier. A week of regular use helped her hair to feel thicker and bouncier. Her experience led her to highly recommended it only if you are willing to use it regularly.

Chaz Dean is a highly regarded stylist who has his own studio and line of products. His philosophy is to make sure customers achieve the hair they want most. He has earned himself a reputation for helping customers feel better about their hair and helping their hair become healthier. His hair products help to supplement a healthy hair care regimen by infusing them with high quality ingredients and a thorough cleansing

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U.S. Money Reserve Creates A New Website And E-Catalog For Investors

When Philip Diehl became president of the U.S. Money Reserve, several people couldn’t wait to move their investments to precious metals. Diehl has an impressive resume. Diehl has been a Director of the U.S. Mint, and he is the man behind the creation of the 50-state quarter program. Philip is a former state director of the Senate Finance Committee and a former Chief of Staff at the U.S. Treasury – please read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase.

There’s no doubt that Philip Diehl is a people person, but he is also a knowledgeable investor that believes investing in precious metals is the smartest way to grow money in the 21st century.

As President of the U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl is in charge of one of the country’s largest private distributors of U.S. and foreign government issued coins. U.S. Money Reserve has thousands of clients in countries around the world, and those clients have been very active buying gold and silver coins over the last 12 months (you can learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve). Diehl believes the main reason for the increase in gold, silver and platinum investing is the fact that a major recession is coming, and it’s coming faster than many economists expected.

Mr. Diehl knows what a recession can do to investors that have most of their assets tied up in stocks and bonds. If the economists are right, and Diehl thinks they are, investors should seriously consider moving their money into precious metal. Philip Diehl is making it easier for investors to do that. CBS19.Tv recently published an article about U.S. Money Reserve. In that article, the Austin-based coin distributor announced a new website and e-catalog so investors could purchase gold, silver and platinum coins easier.

The new U.S. Money Reserve website is meant to be an educational tool as well as a place where investors can buy gold and silver. The new website does make it easier for investors to buy gold, silver and platinum coins, but it also helps investors understand why investing in the bullion market is important especially now. Read more: US Money Reserve – YouTube

The website discusses the history of investing in the bullion market and the reasons why that market fluctuates. That knowledge is essential according to Diehl. Unless investors know why gold and silver investments move up and down, they can’t invest intelligently. The new U.S. Money Reserve website takes the guesswork out of investing in precious coins.

The one-on-one consultation feature offered by the new U.S. Money Reserve website is another tool that will help investors pick the right coins at the right time. Investors can take advantage of special offers, and they get have a professional consultant at their disposal to help them decide which coins to buy. Plus the U.S. Money Reserve buyback policy is one of the best in the industry, and that policy is explained in detail on the new website.

Talk Fusion takes First Place in the Major Communication Companies Worldwide

For all of your videos needs, whether business or personal, Talk Fusion has the latest technology in videos, and it shows in every video they send. Talk Fusion has innovative HD products that are dedicated to crystal clear videos which are marketed by independent dealers in more than 140 countries. The expert technology and innovative programs provide customers with the opportunity to experience live meetings, video emails, video newsletters, and video chat every day at the highest level formats possible, and now, Bob Reina wants to make that available for everyone with a 30-day Free Trial.

If you have never experienced quality videos to communicate with your friends and family or to use in business, Talk Fusion’s Free Trial is your opportunity. The entire range of the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution is available, and there is no requirement to sign a contract or provide your credit card information.

This is an amazing time to get acquainted with the full versions of all Talk Fusion products, which have changed the way individuals and groups communicate internationally. This is a fantastic chance to experience superior videos with no strings attached!

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, and he has an innovative and unique perspective for the company. He sees communication as the major requirement in all relationships, so his goal is to make that time of communication online the very best it can be.

Talk Fusion was born out of Mr. Reina’s need to send a 10-second video over the Internet, but in 2004, he couldn’t find a company that could handle the task. That is when he set out to develop the high-quality video company that he needed. In 2007, Talk Fusion came onto the international video market.

Talk Fusion fosters a strong commitment to improving communication between family, friends, communities, and businesses around the world. He is involved in producing a positive global change both through Talk Fusion and in the charities that he supports.

Statistics show that by 2017, 95 percent of all communication online will be with videos. Try Talk Fusion’s 30-day Free Trial today!

Finding Hope With Healthy Dog Food

I am going to be a new dog owner soon. While I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, there is so much I have to learn. I decided that what matters most right now is food. I mean come on we all have to eat, right?
I do not shy away from wikipedia research. The more you know, as they say. I ran into this great article about healthy dog food. Before reading this, I had no idea there were so many choices out there. This is so exciting.

These dog food companies are doing so much. There’s healthy dog food that sounds so delicious. I’m almost jealous. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say my new puppy is going to eat way better than I am. I don’t know if I should have admitted that, I should look into that. With the different varieties of flavors, I’m sure my puppy is going to love it.

I’m really liking what Beneful has to offer on their amazon page. They have a dry food mix made just for puppies. But that’s not all. I don’t know what type of food my dog is going to like, be it wet or dry, there is still so much to choose from. There’re these Incredibites treats (https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/), for small dogs, and this would be great for my puppy. With proteins like salmon, beef and chicken, and ingredients like wild rice, I can’t go wrong. Oh, and they have dental sticks, for the doggy breath issue. I’m confident that when the time comes, we will be all set in the food department and the health department too.

Follow Beneful: https://twitter.com/beneful

George Soros Outlines His Plan To Deal With Syrian Refugee Crisis

George Soros is considered to be one of the most successful financial investors of all time. He has overcome great odds and difficulties to become one of the most respected and famous, not to mention wealthy individuals on Wall Street. George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary, and was forced into hiding in his native country due to the Nazi takeover. The Soros family who is Jewish survived World War II. The experience of hiding left Soros with an experience on project-syndicate.org that he would never forget.

George Soros went on to study economics in London after World War II. The young Soros proved to be very component in financial management and investment. He quickly made a name for himself in London’s stock exchange as a shrewd investor who made good returns for his clients. After working for a while Soros struck out for New York City and found work at a Wall Street firm. He was immensely successful and later founded his own hedge fund firm called Soros Fund Management on biography.com. George Soros also created the Open Society Foundation which he heads to help countries acclimate to free enterprise.

Witnessing persecution and forced hiding himself George Soros is very sympathetic to the plight of the Syrian refugees. He has recently outlined his plan for dealing with the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe. The major highlights of George Soros’ plan are discussed below.

One of the major points of George Soros’ plan to solve to migration and refugee problem from Syria involves the European Union providing a total of 15,000 euros each year for a total of two years for each asylum seeker the union takes in. The money would go towards providing housing, education and healthcare for the asylum seekers. He also believes that the EU should allow a minimum of one million refugees into Europe a year until the crisis has been solved. The refugee population should be distributed evenly among member nations, so no single country has more refugees that it can handle.

Another point that Soros makes is that more money should be given to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan to support the refugees who have fled there. These countries have already have more refugees than they can handle and it is imperative Soros believes that Europe and the rest of the world help them take care of their refugee population.

George Soros also believes that the European Union should create one Migration and Asylum Agency and one European Union Border Guard. These agencies would have supreme authority in securing the borders of the European Union and its member nations. The agencies would also be responsible for determining who is eligible for asylum and process their applications. Right now each individual member state in the European Union has its own asylum policy and its own border guard. This complicates things and makes it more difficult for states and asylum seekers to secure their border and obtain help. To read more about George Soros’ plan for fixing the European refugee crisis, check out this article published on Marketwatch.