Wes Edens: What You Should Know About His Career and Involvement With Fortress Investment Group

Renowned for his prowess in the business and investing world, Mr. Wes Edens has made his name one of the most recognizable in his industry. Business Administration and Finance is the field that his degree is in, and he earned it from Oregon State University. He owns the Milwaukee Bucks, and it was the purchase of this NBA franchise that made Wes Edens a household name.

Investing his dollars into teams is something that West Edens has done quite well at. He also owns a famous eSports organization. It is known as FlyQuest, and some of the globe’s strongest League of Legends players are a part of it. Hoping to add to his list of successful sporting investments, Edens and his investing partner recently jumped on board with the Aston Villa soccer team, which is hoping to bring entertainment to English soccer fans everywhere by potentially being added to the Premier League.

Fortress Investment Group is where much of his impressive wealth was earned. At this organization, he is a co-chairman, and he also helped to found the company 20 years ago. Although he is now atop the financial field, Wes Edens actually had quite a normal start in the industry, beginning with a six year sting with the Lehman Brothers, during which he serve the company excellently in the role of managing director. In between leaving Lehman Brothers in 1993 and beginning his Fortress Investment Group journey in 1998, Edens also gave his services to Black Rock Asset Investors for a few years, which helped to learn even more about the finance industry that would ultimately help later in his career.

Fortress Investment Group initially was designed just to be a private equity firm, but soon the company took on characteristics of of Wes Edens’ own trading style and began getting involved with investing in alternative opportunities, a move that payed off in a big way. If the past accomplishments of Mr. Wes Edens are an accurate indication of what is in store for his future, then we will likely see this investor make even more progress as the years go by. Billionaire Sawiris, Edens to Buy Aston Villa Soccer Club

Research Ad Fraud with Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has an impressive background and education in the field and has developed a great reputation. He is best known for selling his research. His penchant for finding information and putting it into compiled research papers is to be commended. Sahm Adrangi has been in the business for over 9 years and continues to impress people with his stock market research. He focuses on long-term value investments and special situations.

Kerrisda Capital uses several means to publish the research that they do. At a recent presentation on ad fraud Sahm listed the sites that they use most frequently for posting the research to be shared. Social media and the Kerrisdale website are the two main platforms used to promote the articles and presentations that are compiled and publishes. The presentation had some great points consistent with hi company’s outlook and business savvy ways. Sahm Adrangi discussed Chinese fraud and how fraud can be a good thing when used for a positive thing. He goes on to explain that fraud combines an element of social good within a short activism. The advertisers are being targeted not the consumer in this instance. The advertisers do not get the information out there but do see that the ads are being viewed. However, they might not be being viewed by humans. They might be viewed by computers or by bots.


In conclusion, the presentation was informative and enlightening in that it brought to light ad fraud awareness. The research and meticulous findings in this presentation represent how the company works and shows the need for a company that is focusing on short activism. Sahm Adrangi is assisting the public in being aware of real ideas and news subjects. Performing the research and verification of the “fake” news and news sites that publish wrong information is bringing this issue to light.


Adam Milstein- Protector of the Jewish heritage

Adam Milstein is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, one of the established real estate companies in the United States. It is estimated to have real estate property worth over $1 billion. He joined this company after completing his MBA at the University of Southern Carolina. The company has been a source of the wealth that he is now utilizing in philanthropic initiatives.

Adam Milstein the founder and chairman of the Israeli-America Council, an organization that engages in various programs that aim at strengthening the ties between Israel and the United States. IAC is one of the largest Jewish affiliated organizations in the world. Currently, it has over 500,000 members from all over the world.

Milstein together with his wife Gila has a family philanthropic foundation known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This philanthropic foundation has been at the center of numerous pro-Israeli initiatives. They have a record of working with over 100 organizations who share in the same interests as them. Every year, Milstein is spending over $1 million that goes to philanthropic activities.

Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation sponsor the education of young Jews living in the United States among other activities. They are particularly concerned about the education of the young Jews about their origin and heritage as Jews. Young Jews born in the United States some time fail to identify with their real identity due to the environment in which they grow up in. Now, Adam Milstein is supporting their education and even requesting them to spread the lessons even to their peers in school.

Milstein is passionate about the protection of the Jewish identity. He is focused on uniting Jews living abroad and those back in Israel. The unity of these two communities is significant in winning the battle against the challenges that the Jews face. Anti-Semitism is still a huge problem among the Jews, and it can only be defeated by all Jews coming together to defeat agents of impunity.

Adam Milstein believes that the future of the Jews lies in the ability to raise a strong generation of Jews who will be proud of who they are and who won’t allow anti-Semitism to thrive.


Looking Deeper into the Business Operations at Southridge Capital LLC

Southridge Capital LLC is one of the most renowned private equity firms based in Ridgefield, Connecticut. The firm primarily engages in the provision of investment, banking as well as the brokerage of securities services. Southridge has headquarters located in different regions including the East Coast, Northeastern US, and New England. The company remains active in its operations since its establishment in 1996. Check out scribd.com for more.


Southridge Capital takes pride in a diverse, talented team of major executives that has a deep knowledge and understanding of the financial investment industry. Through their contributions and vast experience in the marketplace, the company readily offers extensive financial plans to a wide range of clients. Since its formation, Southridge has successfully managed about 1.8 million dollars of investments in the growth of various companies worldwide. Additionally, it has financed more than 250 companies in the public sector. As a result, is well versed with issues associated with the growth and development of companies. It can effectively offer assistance on the formation of public companies, customized financing strategies as well as the management of optimal balance sheets.

Steven M. Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Southridge Capital. According to him, the idea behind the formation of Southridge stems back from his tenure at a hedge fund in NY. Following the news on the closure of the company, Steven decided to start his own hedge fund firm as the immediate cause of action. His principal at the hedge fund allowed him to start Southridge operations while still working for him which greatly enhanced its stability.

According to PR Newswire, notably, through his expertise in financial structuring, derivatives, risk arbitrage and investment banking, Southridge Capital is currently a favorable company to a wide range of clients. Besides, his 30-years broad experience in the financial investment industry enables him to set the gap between Southridge and other companies in the market. Steven is also actively involved in setting up the overall strategic direction for the company as well as well business development and execution.

As such, being a major player in the provision of financial services in the U.S.A, Southridge Capital relies on sustainable growth and development strategies. The company seeks to dedicate its time and financial resources towards the development of the society, through the provision of innovative financial solutions.


Healthcare Investors Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Wiesbrod to Form Partnership

Recent news indicates that healthcare investors Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod will be sharing an office with a collaboration in the near future. The two know each other well as they have worked together in the past. The article by the Daily Forex Report gives details into the two and the newly formed alliance. Weisbrod co-founded a company named Merlin in 1998, an investment company that focuses on healthcare. Weisbrod has had prior experience with other well-known companies and has multiple degrees in different majors as he was an excellent student.

He has a PhD in Biochemistry from Princeton University, an MBA in finance from Columbia University, and a BA in Chemistry from Colgate University. As he obtained a great education, he used it to build a good team around him and one of them includes Jacob Gottlieb, who worked for him previously in the year 2000 as a portfolio manager. Gottlieb had his own successful pursuits in landing big-time clients, but despite all of the success, Merlins closed its doors. Weisbrod though opened a new healthcare investment company named Iguana Healthcare Partners, and the name symbolizes the reptile Iguana, which thrives in changing environments that can blend in.

Jacob Gottlieb took the same route and created his own brand called Visium Asset Management. Gottlieb then grew Visium to an eight billion hedge fund. However, Visium then came to an end in 2016, but scandals let to its closure with accusations of insider trading and mismarking. Evidence brought forward by an employee of the company brought about its downturn. The investigation is still ongoing. Visium agreed to shell out ten million dollars in fines and Gottlieb with the role of CEO has continued to return money to investors. Gottlieb has been cleared of any charges and was not involved in the scandals. Even with Visium, Gottlieb has another company called Altium Capital, in the pharmaceutical business that can change the industry. Now with Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod in the same office, there is a lot of excitement from what could come out of the partnership.


Daily Forex Report Article

Life of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon, focusing on cosmetic surgery of the nose, eyes, face, body, and breast. He is one of the few surgeons to be honored with a prestigious award known as the Compassionate Doctor Certification in 2012. This award is selected from positive reviews of Dr. Jejurikar’s patients.

Dr. Jejurikar was born and raised in Minnesota and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, where he graduated with honors. At University of Michigan, Medical School, he was one of the top students and was elected in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society. He also completed his residency at the University of Michigan.

Currently, Dr. Jerjurikar is member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and is one of the most well known plastic surgeons in Dallas. Along with being a surgeon, Dr. Jerjurikar, along with other doctors, is ensuring safety in Brazilian butt lift procedures. The organization in ensuring this safety is known as the Multicity Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. This task force combines knowledge from all doctors involved to find the safest and most appropriate access incisions for fat injections. Brazilian butt lifts can be dangerous because the procedure involves augmentation through grafting, meaning that fat is moved from one location to another. When this procedure is done, it can cause fat embolisms, which includes fat tissue getting caught in the blood vessels. When embolisms can happen, they can be fatal, and that why Dr. Jerjurikar and other doctors are working together to educate other medical professionals and patients on the risks involved in Brazilian butt lifts.

Jacob Gottlieb likely to make a come back in funds management

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are titans in healthcare investing. They formerly worked together at Merlin BioMed Group. Now, it seems they are about to work together. Each one has been running a separate fund, but they are now under the same roof, meaning a partnership could be in the offing.

Weisbrod co-founded Merlin in 1998. It dealt with portfolios in pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotechnology among others. His career as in investor in the healthcare sector has been a success. He has previously worked with Merrill Lynch, Oracle Partners, and Prudential-Bache Securities where he dealt with biotechnology and healthcare investments.

Stuart Weisbrod is a Ph.D. holder in Biochemistry from the Princeton University. He also has an MBA from Columbia University and a BA from Colgate University.

Weisbrod created a team of professionals who would help him manage Merlin. Jacob Gottlieb is one of those picked to offer services. Gottlieb was assigned a role as a portfolio manager. Between 1999 and 2000, Gottlieb was at Merlin where he helped the fund to make returns of 100 percent during the biotechnology revolution.

Due to the success he had with funds management, Jacob Gottlieb got high-value clients some including family offices, endowment funds, pension funds and high net worth individuals. Merlin closed doors in 2007 after returning funds to its investors despite the success it had recorded.

After the closure of Merlin, Weisbrod created another form known as Iguana Healthcare Partners. The investment strategy is similar to Merlin. Jacob Gottlieb, on the other hand, created Visium Asset Management. The fund started with about $300 million as startup capital and quickly multiplied to $2.5 billion in one year. The fund serviced the 2008 global financial crisis and made even more profits that year closing the year at $8 billion.

Visium collapsed in 2016. Jacob Gottlieb worked for the fund for some time to return the funds to investors.

Now, these two successful investors are about to work together, meaning that the industry might very soon see some excitement coming from the two titans. The healthcare investment opportunities are likely to be sufficiently explored when the two form a joint force.

Stream Energy Legitimizes its Philanthropy Through Stream Cares

Stream Cares and Hope Supply Company have partnered to provide aid and outreach to homeless children in Dallas. The duo has already sponsored a few events, providing both food and clothing for needy children. One event, Splash for Hope, gave a large number of homeless children entrance to a water park for a day. Stream Cares assisted in the event, covering the entrance fee and meals for over 1,000 children. Hope Supply Company regularly provides clothing, diapers, and school supplies for homeless children. Part of that service is funded by Stream Cares, which has worked with the charity for over four years. It is an ongoing effort to curb homeless in Dallas, and give those without the opportunity to better their lives.

Stream Cares is the philanthropic wing of Dallas energy provider Stream Energy. The company came to be in 2005, offering an alternative gas and electricity source. Stream Energy is a direct seller, using commission-based associates to bring in clients by word of mouth. The associates build up client lists and offer a more personal focus for said clients. Stream Energy is also dedicated to charitable pursuits, a strong believer in giving back to the community around it. It has been instrumental in disaster relief, homeless aid, and supporting Dallas-area veterans. The company is dedicated to making the quality of life in Dallas better. One of the ways it has pledged to do that is through the formation of Stream Cares.

Stream Cares is a separate charity entity within Stream itself. The business within the business is designed to specifically focus on philanthropy. Most of Stream’s executives are pretty dedicated, giving to various causes, and even volunteering for those causes. Stream Cares pools all that together and uses a business model to optimize charitable efforts. This makes philanthropy a legitimate part of Stream’s business model, and shows just how serious the company is. In addition to Hope, Stream Energy also partners with Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross.


Greensky Credit Is Changing Financing For Home Improvement Projects

What results when you combine the best of finance ideas and new technologies? The answer is a financial technology company such as GreenSky Credit. It is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill financing company. It uses the power of technology to make financing more widely available and easier than ever before.

David Zalik built GreenSky Credit from the bottom up over the course of many years. He is a true entrepreneur who had encountered many ups and downs in his business career. The still relatively young entrepreneur lost a lot of money in real estate, but that did not deter him from trying a new venture in the world of financing.

His idea to use technology and finance together ultimately culminated in what is now a billion-dollar company called GreenSky Credit. The company has a simple mission. It is to leverage the power of technology to make financing home improvement projects faster and easier than before.

GreenSky Credit improves upon traditional financing methods for projects by allowing financing applications to be completed on the go. This means people can complete an application for a home improvement directly on the smartphone. There is no need to complete page after page of paperwork. One can easily complete everything needed for a financing loan on his or her smartphone thanks to Greensky’s online and mobile-friendly application.

GreenSky also saves people a tremendous amount of time when applying for loans. The typical loan process can be very lengthy. GreenSky Credit’s application can be completed in as little as 90 seconds. The approval or rejection of your loan application is just as fast. You often get a response right away on whether you were approved for a loan or not. There are a few rare instances where some more information must be collected. This will not apply to the vast majority of applicants, however.

David Zalik has brilliantly blended together a time-tested financial product with the power of technology in his financial technology company called GreenSky. Homeowners benefit from the easy and quick approval process. Contractors also benefit because they can now offer loans to their clients right on the spot. They can also act as a salesman to help improve the experience of their customers and their own bottom line as well.

Jeremy Goldstein On His Career As A Lawyer And Hosting The Fountain House Dinner

In honor of Fountain House Jim Finkel, Omar Khan, and New York lawyer Jeremy Goldstein hosted a fabulous dinner and wine evening to celebrate the organization. With over 70 serving the community of women and men recovering from mental illness, Fountain House is a success story that prides itself on giving back.


Jeremy Goldstein a Partner and is the Founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The private law firm has been up and running for over 10 years now, and has many success stories to pull from. Highlighting some of the biggest ones would be that Mr. Goldstein has been a part of the largest acquisitions in the corporate world since he started his New York Law firm.


Jeremy’s specializes in mergers and acquisitions and has plenty of experience in those two subject, making his well sought out. He attended three universities during his time of education including the University of Chicago and Cornell University where he achieved both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Art History. It was at the New York University School of Law where Mr. Goldstein earned his law degree, a Juris Doctor to be exact.


More about Fountain House that makes it a great organization built on helping people. Over 450 million people all over the world suffer from mental illness. Almost half of homeless people in the United States live with a major mental illness and 85 percent all people living with mental illness are unemployed. This in turn diminishes their confidence and self worth making it difficult to turn things around. Fountain House is completely dedicated to serving these people they call their members. 99 percent of them have housing and 44 percent of them have employment. They have programs to enrich their lives, build their skills and confidence, obtain employment, get a higher education, but most of all give them hope to turn around their lives for the better. They help 100,000 each year on a global level. The organization was started by six people to help people with mental illness and bring awareness, little did they know that 70 years later their organization would be thriving.


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