All You Need to Know About Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I airport is found in Fagali’I, a suburb found in Upolu Island in Samoa archipelago. Fagali’I airport was owned and managed by Polynesian Airline as well as the Samoan Government. In July 2002, the airstrip was up and running. At that time during its reopening, it was grass only airstrip. After operating for a few years complains arose from the neighboring villages about noise pollution and lack of safety. The Fagali’I airport was then shut down in January 2005.

During this time, the airport acted as a playground for children. After about four years, Polynesian Airport decided to reopen it and give it another shot. It expanded its flights to cater for international flights to and fro America Samoa.

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The airport has engaged with a few airlines such as Talofa Airways, Samoa Air, South Pacific Islands Airway and the Polynesian Airlines. The Samoa Air was privately owned. It catered for domestic flights. At one point, Samoa Air almost crashed with Polynesia Airlines as they both were on the same flight path. Later, it was discovered that Samoa Air was responsible for the incident as it had not followed the airlines’ protocol. It was then shut down in 2015 according to

There are a few fun activities that take place near Fagali’I Airport. This includes; FiaFia night whereby people enjoy a night outdoors as well as enjoying nature, diving at Samoa Dive & snorkel. There is Samoa Cultural village that offers knowledge on Samoa cultural practices and cultural foods. There is also a Catholic church by the name Immaculate Conception of Mart Cathedral according to Yoga hiking tours also offer hiking and touring services. Shopping can also be done at Janet’s and at old Apia market.

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Bose steps into the AR game!

Are you ever in need of a quick news fix, thats not drawn out and boring, well Newswatch Tv might be the right fit for your entertainment needs. These informative, quick news segments allow the viewer to get scoop without the bore. Newswatch TV supplies all the latest news and technology in the media today. Whether you want to catch up on breaking news or find out what’s on the cutting edge of technology, Newswatch TV always at the forefront of breaking news.

Starting its network in the 1990s, Newswatch TV has always provided informational TV segments, technology reviews and online commentary to keep viewers ahead of the crowd with breaking news.One of the newest technology reviews come from Bose, who is one of the leaders in sound.

At 2018’s SXSW conference and festival in Austin, Bose Technologies announced there latest technology with there launch of Bose AR. There take on the latest craze implementing augmented reality, made well known by such products as Pokemon Go. Bose’s new and innovative technology utilizes sunglasses as its muse to offer the AR experience. The sunglasses let you interact with the world around you by offering information with augmented audio through its built-in speakers, motion sensors, and a touchpad thats activated when tapped on the side of the glasses. It lets you point, click, and listen to whats around you, while giving you information about your surroundings. Whether its a cool restaurant or information on a house you walked by, these cool sunglasses make you feel like your in another world, without being a distracted.


Richard Dwayne Blair: Reliable Advice For Your Financial Situation

Are you looking for high quality investment advisory service? Need to find a professional or firm that renders top notch financial advisory services to clients? Richard Dwayne Blair is a clear choice for those who want to manage their money wisely and secure their

financial future.

A financial advisor provides advice and guidance for a client. A financial advisor helps the client decide what to do with his or her assets and money. The financial advisor simply assesses a client’s financial status and helps him or her decide where to invest.

If you are searching for an expert to advise or guide you in making the right investment decision, consider Richard Dwayne Blair. Not all investment advisors are created equal. For the best experience, you need to choose someone who is well known for providing outstanding investment advisory service.

Richard Dwayne Blair has great expertise in financial services and can provide help with financial planning, investing and wealth building. Clients turn to him for retirement planning, saving for their children’s education and related financial issues.

Richard Dwayne Blair runs his own investment firm and caters to clients in the Austin, Texas area. Perhaps you already know about Richard and his prominent investment firm.

Richard will take the time to evaluate your financial needs and he can help you in making the right decisions for your financial issues. He helps his clients to plan for their goals, such as retirement planning and education expenses.

When you discuss your needs with Richard Dwayne Blair, he will encourage you to ask questions and present any issues you may have about financial planning and investing. He will also outline the services you will need and applicable fees. It is always a good idea to have everything in writing and Richard Dwayne Blair ensures that his clients understand what they are getting.

Anyone who wants to enlist the services of an experienced and reputable investment firm or professional should get in touch with Richard Dwayne Blair. He recommends investment opportunities to clients and works with them to ensure their success.

Jose Hawilla — Crave Knowledge, Gain Success

Entrepreneurs must be dedicated to lifelong learning. The best entrepreneurs read about their business and know their industry inside and out. They also read and learn the wisdom of other great entrepreneurs. The craving for new knowledge and the constant ability to learn from their experiences and from the wisdom of others is what makes a good entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs will seek out seminars, books, and websites that benefit them on their mission. This is the way they spend their free time. The true entrepreneurs will take the extra time necessary to cultivate their minds and strengthen their ability to build themselves. There is no better way to become successful than to obtain more knowledge in your field. The knowledge that comes from searching is useful through your entire life.

By staying sharp from constantly reading, entrepreneurs will place themselves ahead of their competition. They will build the knowledge that is necessary to anticipate market changes and the economic atmosphere. Entrepreneurs that are hungry to be better will wake up early to read the news and learn more about their industry. It is impossible to serve an industry that you know nothing about. The knowledge that you gain from staying on top of the latest happenings in the industry are indispensable to your mission of achieving success. The market will continue growing, so you should never stop reading. Knowledge is the key. For more details visit


Jose Hawilla has spoken about his thirst for knowledge. Without it, he would not be the entrepreneur he is today. Jose has served the marketing world and the entire football industry in Brazil. His company Traffic, is the largest marketing firm in Brazil. Jose Hawilla would not have been able to attain this major success if he had simply listed to his doubters when they told him he could not make money in football. By craving all of the knowledge he could possibly find, Jose Hawilla was able to remain open to the opportunities when they presented themselves. Hawilla was never caged in by his competition. Jose Hawilla is the best example of what knowledge can do, and he has made the economy in Sao Paulo, Brazil better because of his immense knowledge. You can search on Google for more.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Campaigning Against Joe Arpaio

Through the years, the migrant population in Maricopa County, Arizona, has lived in fear because of the constant threatening that they are experiencing from their sheriff, Joe Arpaio. He was dubbed as the Toughest Sheriff in America, and he is notorious for abusing the migrants violently.

One of the most popular infamous deeds by Joe Arpaio was his tent city, comparable to concentration camps for migrants. He would be detaining those migrants who are found undocumented into the tent city leaving them under the scorching Arizona sun.

There are instances wherein the migrant would die because of heat stroke, but Joe Arpaio does not care. He even let a pregnant woman give birth inside the concentration camp and denied her of any medical assistance just because she is undocumented. There are reports that the woman has died, but Joe Arpaio was not even implicated because of his deeds.

Joe Arpaio has been practicing racial profiling since he sat in the position of being a sheriff I 1992. He would always arrest people of color, and threaten them with deportation. The migrant community in Maricopa County, Arizona has already sent a letter to the county attorney’s office saying that Joe Arpaio is abusing his powers and using it to discriminate others.

The county attorney’s office has sent Joe Arpaio a warning, but he never listened to them and continued harassing the migrants. The court found that he can be arrested for contempt, and soon, Joe Arpaio found himself inside the jail. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey: and

He has never shown any signs of repentance, and he even stated that if Donald Trump would win as the next president, he will be released as soon as possible. After the victory of Donald Trump, Joe Arpaio was indeed pardoned and was released from the prison. He thanked the newly elected president for doing what is right, and the former Maricopa County sheriff is planning to run for the Senate.

Migrant rights activists like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were surprised by the decision of Donald Trump to pardon Joe Arpaio. They have expressed their hate and disgust about the decision of the president, stating that a man like Joe Arpaio does deserve to rot in jail for his atrocities against the migrants.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are also victims of Joe Arpaio, and they claimed that his men arrested them in the middle of the night, and they were put behind bars for something they did not do. Luckily, the judge handling their case found out no strong evidence against them and released them from the jail.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, later on, filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County, Arizona, and they won the case, and they were given $3.75 million cash as payment for damages. This amount was later used to establish the Frontera Fund, and it aims to help migrants who are in need. After Joe Arpaio announced his plans to become a senator, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been actively campaigning against him.


How Academy of Art University Grows Your Your Talent

Discovering a great talent in arts is one of the uncommon things that we see today. Now, can you imagine how much it takes to discover 21 talents? well, I will tell you. The runway showcase that was held on September 2017 by the fashion school at the Academy of Arts University discovered 21 designers who left the audience amazed, including the director of education and professional development (CDFA), Sara Kozlowski and Ms. J Alexander from America’s next top model.

This fact is, this is not a new thing in the university because a lot more talents have been discovered and developed in the university, but this doesn’t cease to amazes me. I always wonder what they do in the university to get all these talents to the world. I did some research and learned that it’s not magic or something outside this world, it’s just determination to bring the best out of the students and support them as they grow.

For over 80 years since its establishment, Academy of Art University has grown to be the largest private accredited design school in the nation. It offers 30 programs and various degree level to over 16000 students from all over the world and greatly encourages the students who are interested in art and design.

The students there learn from the bottom up and are taught all elements required to be an artist. The instructors are knowledgeable and talented, and they offer valuable advice to the students as well as help them build their sense of goals and strength as an artist. As you can see from the 21 designers and many other talents that has grown from the university, you do the work and put in the effort to get the grades that you deserve.

As an artist, graduating from the Academy of Art University is a big plus to your talent and positions you to be the best in your field of study. You can tell from all the great skills that were seen in the showcase. The designers’ range, silhouettes, and craftsmanship techniques prove that they will inspire and lead the fashion industry.

The Appeal of Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is a very appealing type of water. However, one must wonder why it is so appealing. It is not so much the nutrients and the purity of the water that is being offered. There are other water companies that supposedly offer the same thing. However, people that hear about Waiakea and learn a little bit about this company tend to make this brand of water their favorite brand. They also wind up making it their primary brand. This is one of the reasons that they are spending more money with the company. For people that are interested in knowing why this brand of water is becoming increasingly popular, there are actually a couple of main reasons.

One reason that Waiakea is so appealing as a water company is that it is based in Hawaii. When people think about something that is based in Hawaii, they think about something that is all natural. Therefore, if they read something with the disclaimer that it is made in Hawaii, then they are going to be very intrigued about the product. The same can be said for water. If the water has been packaged in Hawaii, then it is safe to say that it is going to be healthier than the other products and that it is going to be better than anything another company puts together.

While some water companies artificially add minerals to the water in order to make it taste better and healthier, Waiakea water packages the water with the minerals already in there. All that is needed is for the water to be distributed so that people can taste the difference in the water compared to the other companies. People will notice it right away with the taste of the water. Then they will know that they are getting all of the nutrients they need.


The Woman Behind The Surgeon

Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Dr. Walden has made many strides in becoming one of the best surgeons in her field. She started her residency and obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology, then went on to receive her MD from the University of Texas Medical Branch. During her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Walden obtained a fellowship in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. During her tenure, she worked on the New York City’s upper east side and participated in clinical trials on silicone breast implants. Dr. Walden years later returned to her hometown to start her own private practice in West Lake Hills. Where she does cosmetic surgery which includes breast augmentation, facelifts, eyelid lift and rhinoplasty. She performs liposuction, on the abdomen, inner thighs, and arms. She also does minimal invasive procedures such as Botox injections and soft tissue fillers.

Dr. Walden is an accomplished Anesthetic/Cosmetic plastic surgeon. She is known for using Vectra, which is a 3D imaging technology that visualizes a patient’s look before surgery And ThermiVa, A temperature control Radio frequency system For vaginal tightness and rejuvenation. She developed an instrument for breast surgery, which is carried by the acute scientific and surgical instruments (ASSI). She serves as a consultant for multiple Anesthetic companies. Dr. Walden is a member of Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors. No wonder she has been recognized as one of the best plastic surgeons in America. That has been paving the way for other female surgeons in her field and beyond for over 10 years.

About Dr. Walden:

Vijay Eswaran: Mixing Philosophy and Business For Success

As a motivational speaker, inspiring author and business man, Vijay Eswaran has come to share and live by many philosophies. He is a firm believer in living the best quality of live by have a structure of life management. His success began as an economist where he then founded QI Group. The organization brings together real estate, retail, education and hospitality. Vijay Eswaran’s efforts have made him a highly-respected leader in Asia. His company has worked tirelessly to bring better education to the South East.

His books speak of his philosophies on life regarding fear and how to face it. He often states life is not promised and we must live as if tomorrow may not come. His book titled, In The Sphere of Silence, is a best-seller. Vijay Eswaran’s company provides products and services to over 30 countries. In his business capacity, he often tells of his personal experiences that have helped him live a quality life of happiness.

There are five things he lives by when conducting business around the world. First, a business should always care about the product and the people who sell it. It starts within the organization not just the outside. Second, a company should have clarity of vision. It’s highly important that your team understand and has a clear vision of their organization. Third, it’s all about having core values in a company. This defines who the corporation is and helps its staff work effectively. Fourth, it’s important to have a commitment to growth. All team members must commit themselves to any organization with the help of its service leaders. Finally the fifth step is to create a will to sacrife. Practice what you preach as a leader Vijay affirms in his books and his business leadership talks.

Overall, Vijay Eswaran continues his passion to help many business leaders motivate teams to work at their highest potiential while valuing the quality of their lives. Mr. Eswaran’s achievements have placed him on Asia’s Top 50 philanthropists list. He also maintains his seat on the advisory board of the World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies.

Malcolm Casselle and The Outstanding Contribution He Offers For Virtual Assets Traders

By and large, bitcoin’s tremendous growth, popularity, sensationalism, and importance is unmatched and even unforeseen. Who would have foreseen the great success of something that only a few can understand? Bitcoin is an obscure topic for general readers, and the fact that it’s right now ultra profitable and revolutionary makes everyone who’s still not part of it wants to join the bandwagon. Fortunately for Malcolm CasSelle and his bitcoin-heavy company WAX, he’s already part of the game.

The Virtual Assets Growth

Most of the people today already know about Malcolm CasSelle as the man behind OPSkins, the number one Bitcoin trader today that specializes in gaming skins for online consumers. The Bitcoin tech in OPSkins has been instrumental in giving people the access to various micropayment programs, cross-border transactions and other online commerce collaterals that previously had only been reserved to those tech-heavy people. Malcolm is successful in that he’s able to make it available to a mass-market audience of gamers in various parts of the world. But his passion doesn’t stop there.

Two of the biggest problems in the bitcoin commerce in OPSkins are fraud and fragmentation. The creation of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) basically answers these two problems and creates a P2P marketplace for consumers that are more secure, more reliable and less prone to glitches. Truly, WAX is such an added value to the online gamers today.

About Malcolm CasSelle, the President of WAX

Malcolm CasSelle is the entrepreneur behind many tech initiatives today, and his work for WAX is one of the most outstanding among the list. His training at tronc, Inc. may have been instrumental in his success at WAX, but it could also be his constant passion for creating valuable consumer-centric products that make him ace the game. His other ventures include investments in Facebook, Zynga, Mediapass and Xfire. These ventures would not have been possible if it weren’t for his keen attention to consumer markets, what makes people tick and what gets people to shell out money in exchange for entertainment and other assets.

Mr. Casselle got his Bachelor’s degree in MIT, while his masters are from Stanford University, majoring in Computer Science.