Some Of The Smartest Financial Minds Are Agreeing With The Soros Global Meltdown Prediction

For years, China was the main engine on the global economic train. Whatever China did was right, according to some economist. China was the major source of cheap products for the world, and one of the main investors in assets in other emerging markets. China was a global importer that couldn’t get enough resources and materials from Brazil and other developing nations, but something happened. The Chinese are victims of their own success. Prices started to increase and their manufacturing sector began to break down.

The great Red Nation is pushing itself to convert itself to a consumer and service economy, and the push hasn’t been hard enough. According to the legendary hedge-fund investor, George Soros, and other great investors, China could bring the global economy to its knees because of their currency manipulation, their stock market issues and their export flaws.

The idea that China could wreak havoc on the rest of the world was ignored for years. Financial experts and reporters said China couldn’t bring down the global economy, but George Soros, the man that is considered the smartest investor in the world, said that was just wishful thinking. Soros has been talking on Bloomberg about a global meltdown as large as the 2008 meltdown for quite some time. Even the Chinese government disagrees with Soros. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told reporters recently that China wasn’t globally exporting deflation.

But according to a article, Soros said that is not true. At the Davos Economic Summit, Soros called China one of the three causes of global deflation. The other two causes, according to Mr. Soros are competitive currency devaluation and commodity prices. China is involved in those other causes as well.

China has been manipulating its currency since last December and in order to boost their export business the Chinese have been played a role in decreasing commodity prices. China’s manufacturing base is deteriorating faster than the transition to a consumer based economy, and the Chinese are using every trick in the book to keep adding fuel to the enormous Chinese engine. But that fuel is creating some serious issues for the rest of the world.

The world is not a healthy place, according to Soros. Mr. Soros expressed his views in a article recently. He said Europe is under siege due to the migration crisis. The Middle East is on the verge of a major war, and Russia is experiencing a recession and Ukraine fall-out. Several emerging markets are fighting recessions, and the United States is facing one of the most crucial presidential elections in its history.

There are always predictions about the global economy, but the Soros prediction has merit, according to some of the smartest minds in the financial industry.

Town Residential, Leaders in New York Real Estate

The New York real estate market is definitely going to be very interesting in 2016. The bouncy stock market and interest rate spikes will definitely have a direct effect on New York’s real estate market.

The steady rise in interest rates will lead to cautious buyers, which will send prices in a downward spiral. Transactions will still occur, but the process will take longer because buyers will ask more from their sellers and study the contracts very closely. As a result, buyers will take much longer to make up their minds. Buyers searching the market will most likely view the property at least twice instead of jumping on it immediately as they have in the past.

It is predicted that baby boomers will play an extremely important role in the New York City market. Many baby boomers are ready to downsize and make their way back into the city and they often like to pay in cash. It is expected that the amount of high priced top of the line luxury condos will skyrocket.

Town Residential has established itself as New York’s premiere luxury real estate company. Town Residential, with its professional team of executives, have deep experience in high class residential sales. Town Residential also specialize in the leasing and sales of both, retail and commercial developments, as well as marketing strategies. Town Residential is considered one of the top 50 best companies to work for in New York. Their representatives provide their customers with exceptional service and expertise in the real estate field.

Town Residential offers their expertise in relocation services as well. They offer a personal consultation for an employee ready to relocate. After potential properties are decided on, Town’s relocation specialists will set up viewings, provide transportation and deliver insights to the neighborhood. Their team will help their clients settle in by setting up utilities and providing links to social networks and doctors in the area. When it comes to first class service, Town Residential has the experience and expertise, not to mention the most reliable luxury real estate service in the New York City area.

George Soros and EU Asylum Policy

In an interview released on CNBC, there were many topics discussed in relation to the EU. It is established that the EU is getting ready to collapse and there is also the decision for Europe to take in refugees from countries. One thing George Soros has advocated was the development of an asylum policy in order to ensure that the refugees reach the country in an orderly manner. Not only does this keep the refugees safe, but it also allows Europe to absorb them into the country. There is also plans to keep the migrants out of Europe. However, there are concerning issues about the proposal.

One thing that is disturbing is that Orban is winning the conflict with his plan to keep the migrants out. In fact, it was an easy victory for him. He is also winning the battle in Europe. Right now, he is gunning for the leadership of Europe by taking it away from Angela Merkel. He has launched a campaign in September of 2015. He has received assistance from Horst Seehofer. One tactic that he does is to launch an attack on the values which originally formed the European Union from a multitude of angles.

Putin, who works with Orban is even going further to advocate some kind of rule that has been outdated for a while. This is the rule of force. The good news is that Angela Merkel is fighting this battle with a sense of seriousness and heaviness which will give the refugees a chance. George Soros is also working in her support. He believes not only in advocacy, but also in making contributions. Soros also has a plan to help with the financial contribution to the campaign with the use of long-term bonds and other resources.

As one could see when reading the interview about the issues that Europe is facing and the situation with the refugees, there is a heavy battle being fought for the lives of these refugees. A lot is being sacrificed in the face of harsh adversity on account of those refugees. The EU is about to collapse as well as the principles that held it up. With Angela Merkel putting in a lot more effort in her fight against the opposition to the open society and asylum policy, George Soros does feel a little bit of comfort about the situation. However, he does know that it is going to be a hard battle to win.

White Shark Allows Clients To See AdWords Campaign Process Every Step Of The Way

If you are really good at what you do then you don’t have anything to hide. Take an artisanal baker, for instance. If you are a great baker and you use only the freshest, most inviting ingredients then you may want to make your baking a display in your store. Putting up viewing windows or installing an open kitchen in your bakery would allow people to watch. They would star in mouthwatering awe as you decorated a cake or whipped up the ingredients for a delicious frosting. The baking process itself would be a draw and help your bakery’s sales. You are good at what you do and you don’t have anything to hide.

But now think of a processed foods plant that creates cakes in a factory. The giant vats and the chemical laden, processed foods aren’t all that appetizing. That company would now want customers touring their plant and that company would fight against food labeling laws in a effort to hide certain ingredients. They definitely have something to hide.

Both of these vendors are trying to sell you cake. One would love to show you how it is done and the other tries to hide the cake making process from you. Which would you chose? I think the choice if pretty clear.

That type kind, friendly, transparent business practice is what White Shark Media offers to its clients, but instead of cake they are selling effective AdWords campaigns to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Instead of hiding behind the confusing technical jargon of the internet, they offer an “open kitchen” type of customer service. They give you the keys to your own tracking software that tells you in real time just how well the campaign is going. They give you a communications representative with their own extension that is always available for questions, recommendations and criticism. They communicate to you in laymen’s terms the intent of their campaign strategies before they implement them so you know exactly where your business is headed online. And they update you every month through a virtual meeting.

This has all come about over the years as White Shark Media has listened to criticism from clients. Instead of getting negative about it, the Adwords company turned the criticism into a positive business model with full transparency, and this serves the client well.

You essentially get to see your campaign being made. White Shark Media hides nothing from you so you see every ingredient that is put into your campaign. And when you know all the ingredients, you know if the product will be worthy of your business. Some companies create their campaigns in secret behind closed doors, but White Shark puts their good work on display.

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Shopping Made Easy with Image Recognition Technology- Snap, Search, Purchase

Have you ever seen someone wearing an item that you just fell in love with, but had no idea where to go to find the item? A new technology is entering the mainstream on that will make it easy to find that shoe, dress, vase or even lipstick shade.

Nieman Marcus, and others are experimenting with the technology that could help them boost sales, while helping consumers shop for the products on their wish list. The technology has been in the works for years but previous versions didn’t live up to expectations.

Slyce is an image-processing technology that was developed by artificial-intelligence startup Sentient, that enables consumers to snap a photo of the item they’d like purchase, information then comes back that matches the product along with information on where the item can be purchased. For instance, let’s say you see someone with a unique purse, but you don’t know the person and are hesitant to ask where they got it. All you’d have to do is snap a photo of the item and information will pop up showing print catalogs, magazine ads and online stores where the product or similar products can be found.

Slyce’s visual searches can utilize 1, 2 and 3-D images which may include real world scanned actual product images as well as product tags, print materials, bar codes, QR codes and even coupons. When using product image, the consumer will get product matches as well as similar products. Print materials and product tags will return product matches and where the items can be purchased online while barcodes, QR codes and coupons will connect the buyer directly to the product and product information.

With the ever evolving use of computers, cell phones and other technologies developed to make consumers live easier and enhance the purchasing experience, new visual search technology is the next generation of purchasing in the evolving retail environment. With more and more retailers adopting this new technology, soon all buyers will have to do is snap, search and purchase.

4 Varieties Of Beneful Dog Food

Beneful has a variety of dog food and dog treats to choose from. They offer chicken, beef, lamb and a variety of other flavors that dogs love. There are options for small dogs as well as bigger dogs. Below are just a few of the varieties Beneful offers.
Beneful Wet Dog Food Savory Rice & Lamb Stew: This wet food variety is made with rice, lamb, peas and carrots. It is a prepared meal so you can just set the dish out and let dogs enjoy. If there are any leftovers simply reseal the reusable tubs. It is available in a 10 ounce tub. The tub can be reused as a food or water dish for dogs. varieties
Beneful Dry Dog Food IncrediBites Chicken: This variety of dry food is made with real chicken, carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes for a well balanced meal that dogs will love. Made with small dogs in mind the Incredibites are smaller and more tender yet they are still full of flavor. Petco offers dogs all of the nutrients they need to remain healthy and active. It is available in a 3.5 lb, a 6.3 lb, and a 15.5 lb bag.
Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends Lamb: Made with lamb, brown rice, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach it is finely chopped for tastier and easier eating. The chopped blend Lamb variety is covered in a light serving of sauce to add extra flavor and taste that dogs love. It is a fully prepared meal so meal time is quick and easy. It is available in a reusable 10 ounce tub.
Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delights Stars: These delicious dog treats are made with chicken & cheese for a snack dogs are sure to love. Shaped like stars these shortbread cookies are a favorite among dogs. They are tasty and cooked to perfection. They are available in a 8.5 ounce pouch.

The Influence of George Soros


“The main difference between me and other people who have amassed this kind of money is that I am primarily interested in ideas, and I don’t have much personal use for money.via Wikiquote




There are lot of issues facing nations around the world today. One of the biggest issues is the current asylum crisis that is threatening Europe and other places around the world. In light of the recent attacks in Paris, many people do not want to let refugees from other countries in. However, there are many innocent people who are just trying to find a better life for their families. There are a lot of ethical issues to consider in this decision. Another huge issues that people in America are facing is the Black Lives Matter movement. There are many people who feel conflicted on both sides of this argument. George Soros has been outspoken on both of these issues. However, in a recent article on the Daily Beast, it was explained that he did not donate money to this campaign.

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement was born out of a supposed racial inequality in the United States. Over the long term, this has caused a lot of unrest in many different areas of the country. Many people feel as though this movement is just an excuse to protest and cause disarray in many areas. However, there are others who believes that this is a legitimate movement that has been brought on by people who are being oppressed. There are people on both sides of the argument who have good points. It will be interesting to see where the movement goes from here.

George Soros

George Soros has donated to many different charities during his time in business, mostly through his Open Society Foundations. After earning his fortune, he has been able to influence many people all over the world with his wealth. However, he recently came out and said that he did not donate money to the Black Lives Matter movement. This is important to say because many people were under the impression that he did in fact donate money to this cause. Over the long term, it will be interesting to see if the movement continues on or dies out. It is in need of money if it is going to continue to influence people all over the United States. At the end of the day, many people are waiting to see what happens in the Black Lives Matter movement before they make a decision on which side to support. George Soros will certainly have a say in whether or not his funds are used to further the cause.

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Beneful Offers Great Tastes For Healthy Dogs

Beneful believes that healthy foods should make dogs happy. They want dogs to crave the tastes and variety that a Beneful diet can offer. Beneful has more than 39 different choices between their wet and dry foods and their treats.Every dog has a flavor and Beneful has that flavor in a healthy food that your dog will love.

Dry Foods

The Beneful line of dry foods offer 8 choices in three categories. These categories include their original line of foods, their healthy line of foods and Incredibites. The original line of foods offers meats like beef, chicken and salmon as the main ingredient. They also contain healthy ingredients like carrots, peas and rice.

The healthy line of dry foods supports your dog at different stages of life. The healthy weight dry food helps older dogs to process their foods better in order to maintain healthy weights. Active and puppy formulas aid with the generation of energy to do all those things that dogs do.

Wet Foods

Stews, medleys, and chopped blends are all on the menu with Beneful’s full line of wet foods. Whether seeking a mix in with their dry offerings, or simply as a stand alone meal, the wet foods are sure to be a hit with your dog. Romano tastes and mediterranean mixes offer flair and style to the diet.

All of the wet foods offer real meats like beef, pork, and even chicken for a taste that every dog will love. One will also find carrots, barley, rice, and even green beans to offer a one of a kind taste for every dog.


Beneful are real treats from Walmart that dogs will beg for over and over again. Tastes like real beef and bacon are tastes that every dog loves and wants more of. Their baked delights include cheese, chicken and peanut butter. These are treats that are great for a special time, or simply to give your furry friend a taste they will love.

Healthy smile treats are also great for keeping your friends smile at its best. A dog’s teeth are important so keeping them healthy is vital. Healthy smile ridges and twist treats are just the thing to offer a clean smile and strong teeth. They also have healthy smile treats for all sizes of dogs. From small to large every dog will find a healthy smile treat to their liking.




Investors Are Relieved By The Federal Reserve Decision Not To Raise Interest Rates

After months of speculation, investors around the world let out a big sigh of relief when Fed Chairman Janet Yellen did not raise interest rates. Investors like Brian Bonar knew that an interest rate hike at this point in time would exacerbate the financial issues investors are facing around the world. Bonar has a lot of experience in the investment industry as well as other industries. He spent 17 years at IBM Europe, and he is currently the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Dalrada and Bonar have developed a comprehensive program that helps companies manage their employee benefits and investments. An interest rate hike would have been a game-changer in terms of investment earnings.

Bonar and other executives in the investment industry are happy with the near-zero interest rates, but they are not that happy with Yellen. Yellen’s communication skills leave a lot of to be desired since no one had heard a word from her in the two months before she made the announcement about the Feds decision. Investors like Bonar would like to know how the Feds plan to lift rates off the floor going forward, and how effective they will be at communicating an increase when they think one is necessary. Even though more than half of the economists and investors like Bonar didn’t think the Feds would raise the rates, they did think they would have gotten some sign from the Feds before they made the announcement. In the investment world, signs of pending changes that impact investments are important tools that help investors make the necessary adjustments.

What the Feds did this time, according to Mr. Bonar, is give conflicting information to the public. Two Fed representatives told the public different things, and that was confusing. Yellen defended them by saying uncertainty is natural in financial markets especially when a policy shift is eminent. Yellen also said the Feds will only raise rates when inflation hits its 2 percent target. Inflation is reaching that percentage, so Bonar thinks a rate increase will come shortly. Mr. Bonar thinks the Feds were cautious going into their meeting for a reason. They could have been clearer about their intentions because the market was already adjusting to a quarter of a percent increase. The fact that they decided not to raise the rate is a clear sign that China issues and other emerging market issues impacted their final decision.

Yellen is a student of the data-dependent mentality when it comes to policy changes, according to Bonar, and that won’t change. Investors would be wise to interrupt the data the way Yellen does if they want to know when and how much the interest rate will change going forward.

Get the best for your dog, Get Beneful Dog food

Dog has been man’s best friend since time immemorial. This is proven by the fact that a huge percentage of households keeping pets are dog owners. Beneful has been ensuring that the strong relationship between man and his canine best friend remains so by providing dog food in a myriad of varieties. From dry to wet dog food and even dog snacks and treats not forgetting healthy weight dog food.

Dog’s staple meal is meat. They are carnivores after all. Meat is majorly full of protein. Beneful has made it their duty to ensure their wet dog food comes in a variety of proteins such as chicken, pork, beef or lamb. Thus, you can change your dog’s diet every now and then. The textures also vary from thin chops to hearty chunks. The same applies when it comes to accents which can be rice, green beans, carrots or rice and it all depends on what your dog likes best. The best part is that they come in convenient sizes and they can either be in small helpings or large packages. In the twenty varieties they come in, you can never miss a way of surprising your dog.

A good dog should be treated once in a while to show your appreciation for his companionship. The Beneful baked dog snacks can do this for you. Creatively crafted and then baked, their amazing flavors of bacon, beef, peanut butter and cheese will ensure your dog stays in his best behavior to get more of them.From the crispy and airy crackers to the savory shortbread cookies, these snacks are definitely the best way you could treat your dog.

Beneful’s dry dog food contains real ingredients on that are wholesome full of quality nutrition for your dog. All the eight varieties of the Beneful dry dog food products contain a complete balance of nutrition. In addition, they come in a delightful combination of flavors that are savored by dogs.

Their nutritional value is even better considering they contain antioxidants and omega-rich ingredients. Another variety of the Beneful on facebook dog food products is the Healthy dog food which is a reduced-calorie dog food which aims at keeping your dog happy and healthy while at the same keeping away the overweight issue.

With such a wide variety of dog food products from Beneful to choose from, you know better than to deprive your dog of their right to be fed with the best and be well taken care of.