‘The Witcher 3’ Releases Update

‘The Witcher 3’ is by far the greatest game in recent memory. The game developers deserve an award for their monumental feat of creating ‘The Witcher 3.’ However, the game did not release without hiccups. In fact, ‘The Witcher 3’ suffered a very serious bug that tormented people during gameplay.

Gamers complained about ‘The Witcher 3’s save bug, and the game developer quickly worked on a fix for the game claims the company Handy on VentureBeat. The save bug did not allow players to save the game, and this means that several hours of gameplay were lost because of the nasty glitch. Many gamers decided to hold off on playing ‘The Witcher 3’ until a patch was released in order to fix the tormenting bug. However, it was recently revealed on Gamerant that a patch is now available for ‘The Witcher 3.’ The much needed patch has taken care of the extremely stressful save bug.

Aside from the stressful release, ‘The Witcher 3’ is currently enjoying extreme praise from gaming sites. Ign, Gamestop, and GameSpot have all called ‘The Witcher 3’ a masterpiece, and it’s very hard to disagree with that statement. ‘The Witcher 3’ is a better version of ‘Skyrim,’ and many people might not believe that statement.

Can’t Travel On A Plane? Then Travel With Skout

I had my whole summer planned, and I had planned to go to the Caribbean. I didn’t plan to just visit one island, but I had several islands in mind, and I saved up a year in advance, just so I could take the trips. The worst thing happened to me, and I was injured on the job, which then made it impossible for me to go anywhere. I was injured so badly, I couldn’t work, and I was told that my healing time was going to take several months. The injury occurred at the worst time, just a couple months before my trips.

Fortunately, I did get travelers insurance, so that I wouldn’t have to repay for my trip, but I was very depressed that I couldn’t go anywhere. I use Skout on a regular basis, and I decided that instead of being down about my trip, I would virtually travel, using Skout. Skout created virtual travel a year and a half ago, and it’s become very popular on the network. Many people have spoken of traveling virtually, but it’s never something that I thought I would try for myself. After being stuck at home, and in pain, I needed something to lift my spirits.I decided to pick the same places that I was going to visit this summer, and virtually visit them on Skout. I could not believe all the things that I learned, just by paying a virtual visit to the Cayman Islands, as well as Puerto Rico. I was able to learn about some of the culture, as well as the foods they eat, and I was fortunate enough to meet people from the area. Starting out, I chose one location, then I chose to go to every place that I was going to visit this summer.

I’ve been virtually traveling on a regular basis, for the last month, and I’ve collected an impressive amount of friends in each country that I’ve visited. I’m now more excited to go on my summer trip than ever, although it’s been postponed. I know that when I do finally take my trips, I’ll have people that I met through Skout, so that we can talk, and I can be given tours of the areas.

Why Do You Game?

People play video games for a multitude of reasons. Video games offer an escape from the real world. Life can be repetitive and dull. Sometimes life can be downright difficult to get through. A great video game is like a physcedelic experience.

A video game can suck you into a world, and make you forget about your bills and worries. It’s not a great idea to abandon the real world all together, but a few hours a week could benefit your mind. Video games are also a social experience these days. The internet has taken multiplayer games to the next level.

Lifelong friends have been made because of their interest in the same video games. Some people ask, why do you game? The answer is simple, because it’s fun. Have you seen some of the new games lately? Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that the graphics have come a long way since regular Nintendo.

For those of you that do not play games, I recommend that you give them a chance. Games are fun, and they are for people of all ages. This topic was brought up on Reddit.

3 things that must be done in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Batman vs. Superman film looms in the distance on the blockbuster film landscape. Warner Brothers really needs this to be a big hit to launch their answer to Disney’s mind-bogglingly successful Avengers franchise. This should be a piece of cake. If Disney can have success with second tier superheroes like Iron Man and Thor, then surely Superman and Batman are a slam dunk.

It hasn’t worked out that way though, has it? If Roger Corman’s abominable Fantastic Four movie has shown us, superhero movies are easy to foul up. For every good Batman movie there’s a bad one to match it (anyone need some bat-shark repellant, looking at you Alexei Beltyukov?).

Here are 3 things that must be done to make Superman vs. Batman a success:

1. Build on the brilliant Superman they’ve created in Man of Steel.  Superman is one of the best characters in the history of comics, but they have to help bring that to light.  Let’s see the depth that 75 years of mainstream relevance have given him.

2. Make this Batman different from the Christopher Nolan version. The key here is to not let this batman become a pale imitation or parody of Christian Bale. The new Batman’s look seems to be inspired by Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight”, which was one of the seminal Batman stories in the world of comics.

3. They will need to make the Batman vs. Superman fight plausible. With Superman’s powers, he could wipe out Batman from space. Snyder would be smart to emulate the battle from Miller’s Dark Knight, where Batman used a combination of wits and kryptonite to defeat the man of steel.