Glen Wakeman Sets the Business Startup World Alight With His Revolutionary Ideas

Glen Wakeman is a business strategy and planning consultant and a prolific blogger on the subject of entrepreneurship. He has been cited to be the reason lots of businesses have made it in the competitive markets. Glen has a bias in his posts on fiscal issues including strategy, emerging market platforms, administration and management and other related business subjects. He is a specialist in training and mentoring executives at C-level. Some of the major contracts he has been offered include counseling for Sitter Bees and Dreamland. Glen Wakeman has an eye for innovation in business. That is why he tends to focus a lot of his discussion and business lessons around the subject. He understands the need for growth in business and the development of executive management in skills that can steer a business to perform well.


Launching a Business to Help Businesses

Glen is credited with founding a number of important organizations that have helped mentor hundreds of business startups. He is the brains behind LaunchPad Holdings, an agency that focuses on business entrepreneurs just budding out. He helps such startups to transform good business ideas into good plans that work for a business in the practical world. He does the coaching at a cost of $100 dollars. Glen Wakeman says that he discovered the need to educate many entrepreneurs about the difference between a good idea and a good plan that can work. He recounts how many business executives have asked him why their businesses failed when they were great ideas that could work, at least when viewing from theoretical windows. He says LaunchPad was a result of wanting to decipher for such people why their great ideas flopped and how a good plan would propel the same ideas to business success. He notes that the fact that there were so many people in need of such advice hinted at the idea of launched being an avenue to also generate some income for him. Glen Wakeman loves challenges. He says he derives his energy from trying to decipher the reasons behind mishaps in business.

Glen Wakeman is a well-known figure in the field of investment and business management. He has lots of experience in global business trends. He is best known for his business management training called 5-Step Performance Methodology. The program focuses on managing risk in business, the power of leadership, and carrying out the plans in business scenarios.





Healthy Aging Medical Centers- Dr. Dov Rand

Allopathic medical doctor, bioidentical hormone specialist, owner of Healthy Aging Medical Centers, all descriptions which fit one man being that of Dr. Johanan Dov Rand. Dr. Dov Rand has been the president of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers practice since 2010. He has contributed to the acclaim the practice has gotten due to their integrated regenerative therapy approach as he is a big supporter of regenerative medicine. His application of regenerative medicine in being tasked to cure aging-deficits is able to help many people year-round with problems ranging from obesity to various hormone and nutrient deficiencies. This therapy is vital to combat aging in Dr. Rand’s patients. Ultimately the course of treatment allows patients integrated support for a holistic method of treatment.

The course of treatment which Dr. Rand takes in treating his aging patients is revolutionary. He combines aspects of hormone level regulation, nutrition, and exercise in order to attempt to assist his patients with the detriments of aging. Ultimately this allows for his patients to gain energy, strength, and stamina. In addition to these benefits his therapy methods also allow for a decreased risk of cancer amongst patients, as well as the lowering of cholesterol and the susceptibility to heart diseases. The method which specifically contributes to these benefits is that of his bioidentical hormone regulation. This is one of Dr. Rand’s specialties which is what separates his method in combatting aging from that of others. His services are able to both males and females and can address problems from aging such as weight gain and other general effects, as well as that such as menopause in women and andropause in men. All-together Dr. Rand’s contributions to the field of healthcare, in terms of anti-aging treatment are revolutionary. They have allowed for many advances in regenerative medicine. From hormone balancing therapies as methods of combatting aging to that of exercising and nutrient therapies. Dr. Dov Rand has been vital to the anti-aging market. His contributions have helped his patients stay healthy and fit while experiencing detriments due to aging. Ultimately his company, Healthy Aging Medical Centers has allowed him to make the advances in the field of regenerative medicine which have changed so many patients lives.


GoBuyside Integrating Technology with Recruitment Process for Faster and Better Results

There was a time when a prospective employee had to find ways to reach out to the recruiter so that they could get a job. Today, companies believe in taking a proactive approach and have the details of prospective candidates ready in case of a position opens up. It is necessary in today’s competitive world that companies hire the best brains to work for them and finding them is not always easy. It takes more than a thorough search to help find employees for the various positions in the company. Recruitment companies such as GoBuyside are using smart technology to pool a wide network of candidates and to build a better relationship with the existing employees. The patent recruitment automation software used by GoBuyside allow it to streamline the entire recruitment process for their clients that allows them to have access to a pool of talent and fill positions as they open up without having to wait. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

Since the increase in competition in all aspects, recruiters have to be better marketers of their company so that they can attract the right talent. Prospective employees are today attracted to companies with a good online presence, and the recruiters must ensure that their companies are a powerful brand that they will be able to sell to employees. Large recruitment companies such as GoBuyside handles all of the hiring efforts of their clients like a job description, assessment, background checks and others to ensure that their clients can get the best candidates for their position without having to compromise on any front.


GoBuyside is a name to reckon with in the world of recruitment solutions. The company has proprietary technology that it uses to access its extensive talent pool spread over 10,000 firms and 100,000 employees to provide recruitment solution for some of the top investment and finance companies in the world. Arjun Kapur, founder, and CEO at Gobuyside has extensive experience of working in the finance industry, and he realized that there was a gap that needed to be filled. It is how he started GoBuyside, which is a comprehensive recruitment solution provider with extensive network globally. The primary aim of GoBuyside is to provide the platform to the investment and finance companies where they can meet with talents in a way that is affordable and effective at the same time.

GoBuyside has developed a proprietary recruitment technology that is continually upgraded. Arjun Kapur feels that such a technology is helpful in doing a talent search and it has a huge database that allows the recruitment firms to source with accuracy. More than 500 clients currently trust GoBuyside exclusively to search for their talent requirements. It is essential for the companies to have the right talent in order to grow and stay efficient. GoBuyside helps the companies find the right talent that specifically meets their requirements. It is primarily because the company doesn’t have one size fits all approach and can provide the recruitment solution that is customized as per the specific requirements of the client. Read more about GoBuyside at

Sussex Healthcare Knows How To Treat Seniors

Families who need to put their loved ones in senior care facilities see the problems that come from having to do so. They know things are hard and they sometimes see there are problems with the facilities. They don’t feel comfortable leaving them in locations where they know they’ll have problems. Most families, though, don’t have a choice. If they’re unable to care for their loved ones, they have to put them in a home. While it is a difficult decision for anyone to make, families who choose Sussex Healthcare know they’re making the best decision for the people they love.

When Sussex Healthcare started, they only wanted to help seniors. They knew it would be hard to make things work but they also knew it would be better for all the seniors and the families that came to them. As long as Sussex Healthcare prepared to give people the options they needed, Sussex Healthcare felt good about the hard work they were using. They always wanted people to see how things would get better and that was a big part of the way they did business. It made it easier for them to try things and made it easier for them to reach out to everyone in the industry.

As long as Sussex Healthcare kept helping people, they felt good about the options they had. They also felt there were things that would allow them to make their lives better as a result of the hard work they put into things. For Sussex Healthcare, their goal is giving seniors a chance at a better life. If they can help seniors with all the issues they have, they’ll make a bigger impact on their lives. They only want to help people understand how their lives can get better.

Even though seniors are their main focus, Sussex Healthcare does what they can to help families. They want people to understand they’re doing the best job they can to give everyone the options they need. They have a lot of faith in the hard work they do and that allows them the chance to keep doing everything right for the people they work with. It is their way of allowing opportunities to help seniors and their way of giving the families what they need. Sussex Healthcare is reliant on how they help families. When families appreciate the care their seniors get, Sussex Healthcare knows they did their job.

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Enhanced Athlete Fights Lawsuit and Wins

The health food, vitamins, and supplement industry is a very large industry that brings in billions of dollars per year in revenue. Today, there are many different companies in the industry that provide extremely valuable products and services to help people live happier and healthier lives. One organization that has continued to provide great products and services to its customers for a long time is Enhanced Athlete.


Enhanced Athlete is very well known for selling a wide range of supplements and vitamins that are geared to helping someone achieve a healthy figure and feel better. This includes a line of vitamins, supplements, fitness accessories, and even books and other items that can help someone better understand personal fitness. While Enhanced Athlete has done very well in the industry, they have had to deal with fierce competition as well. While most of this competition is done in the store and through consumers, they recently had a major fight against a competitor as well.


Several years ago, Enhanced Athlete was served with a lawsuit filed by Nutrition Distribution. This company is another entity that operates in the fitness and nutrition industry. However, Nutrition Distribution has also developed the reputation for being a bully when it comes to the legal process. A few years ago, Enhanced Athlete was the latest victimized organization when Nutrition Distribution filed a lawsuit against them.


The lawsuit that was filed effectively stated that Enhanced Athlete had completed a variety of misleading and false advertising claims. Nutrition Distribution stated that the advertisement campaign had a lot of negative and inaccurate information about products that nutrition distribution sold. While many companies end up trying to settle these claims outside of the courtroom, Enhanced Athlete knew that the claim was frivolous and they decided to have their case heard.


When they started to present their case, Enhanced Athlete decided to focus on the reputation of Nutrition Distribution. In the first day of deliberations, Enhanced Athlete was very easily able to show that Nutrition Distribution was very frivolous with their lawsuits and used settlements as a way to make money. Enhanced Athlete pointed out that in the past few years alone, Nutrition Distribution had filed more than 70 different lawsuits and claims against other companies in the industry.


After hearing this, the court case was quickly thrown out. However, it remains to be seen what will happen with other open cases involving Nutrition Distribution.

The Benefits of Great Diplomatic Relations with Daniel Taub

Everyone has their calling in life. The career on which you land on should be more of your purpose rather than a money generating activity. It is only through when you are fulfilling your purpose that it becomes easy to handle the job.

Some jobs are also too demanding to be done by anyone. A good example is the ambassador task. The requirements can only be sustained by an individual who is a loyal citizen of a state.

Many benefits come with excellent diplomatic relations between two states. To begin with, if a state is in an attack, the other country can send rescue teams to the country. There is also educational exchange that helps in career advancement. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Their additional advantage is the citizens can travel in search of employment opportunities in the other state. The high returns from the trade system are the most significant pros.

The state of Israel and Britain is currently enjoying such benefits as a result of the ambassadorship of Daniel Taub. During his appointment, many disagreements arose. Four years later, they all accept he was the best candidate for the seat. On his side, Taub is very proud of himself and contented with the way he served the country.

All the goals he wanted to accomplish in the four years are all in order. The trade value of Britain and Israel is estimated to be $7.7 billion. One executive in the trade department describes it as the ‘’golden era’’. Besides the trade, Israel investors have expanded their businesses and opened 300 branches in Britain. The presence of the 300 businesses is a win-win for both countries.

For the people of Britain, the unemployment opportunities that is a worldwide problem has reduced as many get absorbed in the Israel business. Products are also selling at fair prices as the market expands. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Also, the substitutes in the market have increased the options of the buyers when buying goods. The Israel traders are glad to have a chance to outsource their products because they may not be doing well in their country, as a result of similarity of goods.

Daniel Taub will continue to serve the country even after his resigning as the ambassador with his other talents. For instance, he will educate people through his writings. He is also expected to lecture the university students on International law. The Israel Embassy is sad to see him vacate office but grateful for his services

The Cryptocurrency Leader Ian King

Ian King is a leader in cryptocurrency and an expert for Banyan Hill a publishing company located in Delray Beach, Florida. He attended Lafayette College and received his undergraduate degree in psychology. During college, he gained an interest in trading stocks and decided to pursue his passion. He began as an intern for Merrill Lynch and worked in the trading departments for Salomon Brothers and Citigroup. Eventually, he went to work for Peahi Capital as a head trader in New York City. He developed financial strategies that increased returns on investments by 339%. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.

Once he decided to invest in cryptocurrency, his finances increased dramatically. He also invested in crypto Ox, Ark and Factom Charts these currencies rank high in the market and have earned him a lucrative return. Before he got involved with cryptocurrency, he was a lifeguard on the Jersey Shore. He believes that the skills he learned on the beach helped him become the exceptional investor he is today. He has over 20 years of experience as an investor and is considered a leader in cryptocurrency industry. He founded Intellicoins a cryptocurrency investment firm that provides trading and market advisement to clients. They provide expert analysis, real-time trading ideas and live trading webinars to clients and assist them in achieving their financial goals. Stay updated with Ian at

Additionally, Ian King has introduced cryptocorn to clients and believes they are a good option for investment. Cryptocorn is a new form of cryptocurrency that is available to investors. It was initiated because prices for other cryptocurrencies are increasing too rapidly. They are the results of companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Pinterest and Dropbox that are considered unicorns. They have a billion-dollar value and have contributed to the formation of the cryptocorn. They are valued at 12,822 each and are not more valuable than the bitcoin. He believes there will be more forms of cryptocorns introduced to the public that will be highly competitive with each other.

Ian King discusses his point of view of cryptocurrencies and explains their usage to his readers. He believes that they are a sound investment and encourages readers to take advantage of the opportunity. He shares his knowledge about ethereum, ripple and litecoins. They allow people to make a huge amount of money with a low investment. People use these coins for trading in virtual spaces and online gambling. They are becoming a necessity and permanent fixture in finance.


Dr. David Samadi Discusses Links Among Testosterone And Prostate Cancer

For many men, testosterone is the key to virility, but in a Fox News segment, expert oncology urologist, Dr. David Samadi say it could increase the risk for prostate cancer. It may be as simple as taking medications to lower testosterone levels, but doctors say that could cause other problems.

In order for the prostate gland to grow correctly, testosterone is required, however, high levels of the hormone are linked to cancerous growths. The obvious idea of lowering testosterone levels with medication and thus eliminating the risk of cancer is unfortunately not as uncomplicated as it sounds. Although there are drugs that lower testosterone levels (finasteride). These are used, for example, in the treatment of prostatic hyperplasia (benign enlarged prostate gland), which also involves a reduction in the effect of testosterone.

However, current expert opinions say these preparations are not yet considered for long-term cancer prevention. Expert urologist, Dr. David Samadi points out the prolonged loss of testosterone can also lead to erectile dysfunction, declining sexual desire and breast growth. Here then benefit and risk would be in a disproportionate relationship, because most men that are treated would never get prostate cancer, even without medication.

Testosterone levels in men begin to decline after age forty. This decrease causes the appearance of numerous symptoms including depression , sexual dysfunction , impotence, loss of muscle mass and strength and decreased bone density. Many doctors prescribe hormone therapy but have found that testosterone supplementation has increased the risks for prostate cancer.

However, during the studies, it was found that during peak testosterone levels, in young men, there were no incidences of prostate cancer. As Dr. David Samadi points out, there are many men who take testosterone supplements for bodybuilding, and they should be aware of these links to prostate cancer.

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. David Samadi is an international expert in many facets of urology,with a focus on minimally invasive robotic prostate cancer. He serves as the Chairman of Urology at Lenox Hill Hospital, as well as Chief of Robotic Surgery. He has changed the field of laparoscopic prostatectomy with his innovative Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic (SMART) surgery technique. The technique is a modification to the traditional prostate surgery, where he is able to safeguard neurovascular bundles while operating on the prostate gland. Dr. Samadi’s minimally invasive technique has resulted in less time in the operating room and the patient’s faster recovery.

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All You Need to Know About Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I airport is found in Fagali’I, a suburb found in Upolu Island in Samoa archipelago. Fagali’I airport was owned and managed by Polynesian Airline as well as the Samoan Government. In July 2002, the airstrip was up and running. At that time during its reopening, it was grass only airstrip. After operating for a few years complains arose from the neighboring villages about noise pollution and lack of safety. The Fagali’I airport was then shut down in January 2005.

During this time, the airport acted as a playground for children. After about four years, Polynesian Airport decided to reopen it and give it another shot. It expanded its flights to cater for international flights to and fro America Samoa.

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The airport has engaged with a few airlines such as Talofa Airways, Samoa Air, South Pacific Islands Airway and the Polynesian Airlines. The Samoa Air was privately owned. It catered for domestic flights. At one point, Samoa Air almost crashed with Polynesia Airlines as they both were on the same flight path. Later, it was discovered that Samoa Air was responsible for the incident as it had not followed the airlines’ protocol. It was then shut down in 2015 according to

There are a few fun activities that take place near Fagali’I Airport. This includes; FiaFia night whereby people enjoy a night outdoors as well as enjoying nature, diving at Samoa Dive & snorkel. There is Samoa Cultural village that offers knowledge on Samoa cultural practices and cultural foods. There is also a Catholic church by the name Immaculate Conception of Mart Cathedral according to Yoga hiking tours also offer hiking and touring services. Shopping can also be done at Janet’s and at old Apia market.

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Bose steps into the AR game!

Are you ever in need of a quick news fix, thats not drawn out and boring, well Newswatch Tv might be the right fit for your entertainment needs. These informative, quick news segments allow the viewer to get scoop without the bore. Newswatch TV supplies all the latest news and technology in the media today. Whether you want to catch up on breaking news or find out what’s on the cutting edge of technology, Newswatch TV always at the forefront of breaking news.

Starting its network in the 1990s, Newswatch TV has always provided informational TV segments, technology reviews and online commentary to keep viewers ahead of the crowd with breaking news.One of the newest technology reviews come from Bose, who is one of the leaders in sound.

At 2018’s SXSW conference and festival in Austin, Bose Technologies announced there latest technology with there launch of Bose AR. There take on the latest craze implementing augmented reality, made well known by such products as Pokemon Go. Bose’s new and innovative technology utilizes sunglasses as its muse to offer the AR experience. The sunglasses let you interact with the world around you by offering information with augmented audio through its built-in speakers, motion sensors, and a touchpad thats activated when tapped on the side of the glasses. It lets you point, click, and listen to whats around you, while giving you information about your surroundings. Whether its a cool restaurant or information on a house you walked by, these cool sunglasses make you feel like your in another world, without being a distracted.