Rodrigo Terpins and The Reasons and Lessons from His Sertoes Rally Victory

We hear news of people having a sort of insurrection against boredom. People travel to fight such boredom. People go against the grain just to achieve the ways to fight such boredom. They also go against the grain and find the meaning for their lives in the most dangerous, risky and even unlikely places. This is something that only the brave people who go even to the fringe of the safe comfort zones to test their limits, can understand. This is the passion for life that people like Rodrigo Terpins have. In the case with Rodrigo Terpins, it is his passion for racing that really defines his popularity and meaning in life. For more info you can visit



The Passion for Racing


We can scribble anything here in the feature about Rodrigo Terpins, but nothing of them could be as relevant as an article that talks about his Sertoes Rally victory. The world already knows that Terpins has been a consistent participant of the Sertoes Rally race, but it was the 22nd edition that really defined his career. It is his passion for developing a team of experts, professionals and passionate race car individuals that had also helped him get to the aim of his race: the victory. It wasn’t an easy rally to begin with. There were muddy tracks, terrains that would test the limits of man and roads that are sinuous as the mechanics of the car being used by Rodrigo Terpins.


We should also say here that just because the race is difficult, doesn’t mean Rodrigo Terpins will back off from it. He faces the entire race with utmost diligence and reverie, and even faces life-threatening risks just to finish it. It, fortunately, paid off, because Rodrigo Terpins won 7th place in the overall rankings, with the help of his team consisting of his MEM Team, using the T-Rex vehicle.


More Than A Race


We can say that the myriad lessons one learn from racing could only be learned by those who put their neck on the line, which means they actually race and risk their lives. To Rodrigo Terpins, the victory that he got from joining the Sertoes Rally 22nd Edition was enough of a reason that he really did learn a lot of lessons mainly because he put his neck on the line.




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