Ted Bauman On His Writing Career And Helping People Keep Their Assets

Banyan Hill Publishing writer and Editor Ted Bauman specializes in asset protection and investment strategies that are have little risk. Even though Ted is living a life of financial success, he once came from humble beginnings and had to work his way up. Mr. Bauman worked at a gas station, Burger King, McDonald’s where he learned a lot of valuable lessons from those experiences. When a person has a minimum wage job they have to work really hard, do long hours, and in a lot of cases have to deal with managers or supervisors who don’t treat them very well. It was very difficult for Ted Bauman but he learned to appreciate the working class folks and what they go through to make ends meet. The biggest moral of the story it that we need to support these people to really thrive as a society and help them succeed. Follow Ted on Medium.

Ted Bauman has traveled to places all over the world including South Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. When he traveled through the last two places Mr. Bauman worked with Habitat for Humanity. This helped create his already existed love for helping people and so he helped establish Slum Dwellers International. It was founded in 1996 and is located in over 35 countries. To date, they have served over 14 million people worldwide.

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The successful writer and editor have written for nonprofit funding agencies in Europe, the United Nations, and South Africa’s government. All this experience as a writer and traveling around the world has helped him to be an expert writer with his newsletter The Bauman Letter. Drawing on real life experiences, Ted turns very dry financial subjects into compelling information to absolutely read. One subject he recently discussed is how to keep your assets safe in case of a natural disaster. If you have valuables at home Ted Bauman recommends that investing in a quality waterproof and fireproof lockbox or safe in completely vital. Although he doesn’t recommend keeping your precious assets at home because of burglary and such, if you do, get a lockbox or safe. Even better, investing in a safe deposit box is a good way to go. Visit Affiliatedork.com to know more.

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