The Great Professional Success of Former UTC CEO Louis Chenevert

The outstanding work that Louis Chenevert has done over the years is proof that he is one of the most visionary and distinct professionals in the aviation and engineering fields. As the former CEO of UTC, Chenevert has great experience in what he has to offer and a full understanding of how to produce an effective and viable business. The work involved has been detailed and has gotten UTC to get out there as a powerful entity in today’s engineering world.

A Strong Negotiator

Louis Chenevert is known for being a powerful and prominent negotiator. He worked hard on UTC’s efforts to acquire Goodrich, a dealt that entailed several billions of dollars moving along. This deal was vital to Chenevert’s success as it painted him as a powerful figure who understands how the business world truly works. It also helped UTC to get more materials needed for many projects that it wants to work with. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

Working with Technology

The support that Chenevert has had for technology has been a major part of his professional career. In 2011, he successfully completed the GTF project at UTC to help create a new engine platform for aviation use. This became a popular unit that was adopted by Airbus as a key standard for plane construction.

This was important as the GTF engine took nearly twenty years and $10 billion to develop. This engine uses less fuel and produces fewer emissions and offers more power for jets to make them efficient and ready for anything one wants to do.

Expanding the Reach

While at UTC, Chenevert helped to expand the reach of Pratt and Whitney, a group that Chenevert had a leadership position at before joining UTC. It was under Chenevert’s guidance that Pratt and Whitney opened more plants in various states around the country while establishing a stronger supply chain that covers more businesses and groups. Read more at Bloomberg.

It is with this that the reach UTC has is only starting to grow. The reach helps with allowing the company to get more products made and to have more people work towards producing only the best materials possible. The partnership that UTC has set up with Pratt and Whitney especially adds a valuable layout for ensuring that people can get the most out of the work they have.

Helping Employees Learn

The professional work that Louis Chenevert has gotten into has also encouraged many in the business to grow to their fullest potential. Chenevert has worked with UTC to start up the Employee Scholar Program. This is a special initiative that helps to cover many of the costs associated with college studies among employees at the company. The program helps many to achieve their dreams and to go far in their lives.

It is the great work of Louis Chenevert that has helped get UTC to the position that it is in right now. The impressive work and effort that Chenevert has put in show just how talented of a businessman he is and that he is fully aware of what it truly takes for a business to grow and thrive in today’s climate.


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