The Life and Times of Eric Pulier

There are not many people today under the age of fifty who can boast about their wide array of accomplishments; not the least of which are two successful start-ups and the founder of a special needs camp. Not many can say they worked with Bill Clinton, a well-known man in his own right, on how to best help the educational needs of disabled children. Eric Pulier, however, can boast on all of these things and more. He could, but he won’t; because his kind heart is even bigger than his genius brain, in the end.


Before he even graduated high school, Pulier was already programming computers and working on getting himself into Harvard University. Though his skill in technology was impressive, Eric majored in English and American Literature and went on to become the author of ‘Understanding Enterprise SAO’. Puller is on no less than five company boards, all of which he helped make successful. He hasn’t even hit fifty yet and he’s already affiliated in some way with twelve companies and counting.


Pulier is seen as one of the most successful entrepreneurs the world. He was a major player in making sure the company XPrize had a hugely successful start-up and future, as well as founding the SOA software company, Akana. These two companies couldn’t have survived without Pulier’s genius technological fields and his knowledge on entrepreneur projects.


Yet, Eric doesn’t just have his fingers in the meat of the business world. He’s also involved in several charities and organizations, some of which he founded himself, to help underprivileged and special needs children with their educational needs. More than even that, however, he’s always been focused on making children with disabilities’ lives easier and creating new and fun activities and camps for them to attend to get the most out of life.


Pulier has a mind rivaled only by those decades older than him, but he has the heart of someone able to look around and relate to the younger generation. These two combined are what make him such a successful and exciting face to see in the business and start-up world.



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